Amy and Matt

Image 1 of Amy and Matt

How We Met

Matt and I met while attending the United States Military Academy. We got stationed at Fort Campbell together and he got deployed in the Summer of 2016. He returned early 2017 and we planned the most amazing trip to Peru together to celebrate his arrival home. He thought it would be the perfect place to pop the question. And it truly was!

how they asked

As a part of our Peru trip we planned for after Matt’s deployment, we wanted a day exploring Machu Picchu. We were both incredibly excited and when the day came we couldn’t wait. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t agree and as soon as we arrived at Machu Picchu, it started raining. I was really bummed but wanted to make the best of it, while Matt, on the other hand, was devastated. Little did I know he had been planning to propose at Machu Picchu the entire trip and the rain and clouds ruined his perfect proposal. As the tour came to an end, the clouds parted out of nowhere, the sun came out, and myself along with other members of the tour group were excited…. while Matt was ECSTATIC. He kept saying, “Amy, let’s go back to the top for a picture!” He basically sprinted up Machu Picchu and I was gasping for air behind him.

Image 2 of Amy and Matt

He was talking to a man about taking our picture as I walked up to meet him and he said, “Amy look it’s a perfect spot, let’s pose here!” I was a little taken back by his excitement and anxiousness, but I couldn’t argue with how amazing the spot was. I went to put my arm around him for our photo and as I reached around him he pivoted and took a knee with the biggest smile asking me to marry him. I could NOT believe it. When I say I had no idea, I mean I had NO idea. I had helped him pack, searched through his backpack for my wallet, and never even imagined that there was a ring hidden in there! It was a special moment that I will truly cherish for the rest of my life.

Image 3 of Amy and Matt