Amy and Mat

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How We Met

We are high school sweethearts but we never actually met through school; we went to the same school for years without our paths ever crossing. It wasn’t until some of our mutual friends introduced us that we started getting to know each other.

After we’d started hanging out in the same friendship group and saw each other all the time I knew I liked him but was too nervous to do anything about it – we were only 16, admitting you liked someone back then was a big drama.

One night our friendship group went out to a local disco and the whole night Mat and I were flirting but I got the sense that he was scared to do anything about it, either. So when he came up to me on the dance floor I pulled him into a kiss, just to see what would happen. It sounds cheesy but with him, in that moment the music and the buzz from the party around us all melted away and it felt like it was just him and I in the world. It was the best kiss I’ve ever had and we’ve been together ever since.

How They Asked

He had told me we were going out for the day to check out the wineries. I didn’t think much of it so just got ready as usual. About an hour before we were about to leave he said to me that this day was going to be special so I needed to get ready for a surprise. On the way there he could barely look at me which he only ever does if he’s trying really hard to keep a secret is because he’s actually really
terrible at keeping secrets.

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Once we pulled into the car park at the d’Arenberg winery, the driver dropped us off just in front of the cube and gave us directions to the tasting room. But when we got out of the car Mat said, “No we’re not going over there,” and started leading me away. I was like: “The winery is over there dude where are we going?”.

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Then as we approached I could see our initials lit up in lights and a beautiful picnic setting with rose petals and candles. My heart was beating so fast wondering if that’s where he was taking me and when I turned back around he was down on one knee. I started crying so hard that he had to ask the question twice because I didn’t hear it the first time! But of course, I said yes, and then we got to enjoy a picnic and wine in our own little romantic bubble with a view of the hills.

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