Amy and Marko

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How We Met

Marko and I met our freshman year of college!

how they asked

Okay first, let me just say that I was NOT expecting a proposal that day at all. I initially thought that he was going to propose to be in July because that just seemed to be what made sense, but I am SO glad I was wrong. Okay, so here we go…

It was a Thursday, April 12, 2018, and I had been planning to have my senior photos taken as I was about to graduate! So I woke up that day with this the thought that I was going to the Grand Canyon with my friends Connar and Ranz to have some beautiful pictures taken. I started off the morning getting coffee with one of my good friends, Natalie, and we just talked about our shared struggles and, for some reason, it really took a toll on me. I don’t know if I was just over-empathizing with her or I just really felt her pain, but holy smokes, was I feeling a bit off after that conversation.

After coffee, I walked back to my apartment on campus to start to get ready for the day when I received news that this internship that I had been pursuing and preparing for was most likely not going to accept me. I was heartbroken as I was so passionate about it and had my heart set on it for SO long, so clearly, that messed with my mood a bit. I called Marko, who was actually supposed to be leaving that Morning for a Christian conference called the Catalyst in California, and I just so happened to catch him before he took off. He met me in the lobby of our apartment building and held me for a while, repeatedly saying everything was going to be okay and that the day was still going to be a good day (wink wink). I hesitantly let him go and he headed off to California for the conference, (or so I thought).

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I went back up to my room and got ready for the photoshoot with my friends. At around 1:20, I went to grab my car and pulled it up this round-about called Colter Circle on campus where I was supposed to pick up Connar and Ranz and I kid you not, as soon as I pulled up to where they were waiting for me, my check engine light came on. Good grief. I couldn’t believe it, could the day get any worse? Connar and Ranz were so sweet and patient with me and went with me to take my car to the dealer, where we got a rental car.

However, that felt like it took FOREVER and I began to think that driving to the Grand Canyon wouldn’t be a good idea considering how much time had passed. I told Connar and Ranz that we could just go to South Mountain and take fun pictures there, to which they both were like NO WAY. They were determined to get me to the Grand Canyon to get me fun and pretty pictures after such a rough day. We got our rental and finally started our trek to the Grand Canyon.

On our way there, I received a phone call from the dealer telling me the cost of the repairs for my car which definitely made my heart skip a beat. Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any tougher, I get THAT phone call. I remember calling my mom just freaking out and she just kept saying that everything was going to be okay. Although, I do remember her consistently saying, “So that’s ALL your upset about, right?” I now know why!

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Anyways, we were on a race to this special spot in the Grand Canyon that Connar and Ranz told me was one of their favorite spots to photograph because of the lighting and the views. I was so exhausted at that point that I just trusted them and went with it. I remember on the drive up, Ranz asked my questions about Marko and why it was that I loved him so dearly and I just rambled on because come on, what’s not to love about that man?

We barely beat the sunset as we pulled up to this special spot that Connar and Ranz had been telling me about, but immediately I was struck by how familiar it looked, and it’s because I had been there before!

A little back story: About a year before that, Marko and I drove up to the Grand Canyon to help one of my good friends take her senior pictures. After we helped with the pictures, we drove around exploring and found this one spot near a small parking lot that overlooked the Grand Canyon and had little cliffs that you could climb down and sit on. It was our favorite spot because we sat there for hours reading the first chapter of a book called Loveology, praising the Lord, singing worship songs, and watching the sunset. That same day we visited this little store in the Grand Canyon that had these cute sweaters for like $15 each to which we quickly took advantage of and purchased for each other. We wore them that entire day and the colors of the sweaters coordinated with the dress I was wearing and the shirt Marko was wearing when he proposed, but I’ll get to that later. Anyways, our couple name is Marmy, which is a combination of both of our names and that day, I wrote Marmy on the rock we were sitting on that overlooked the Grand Canyon. We claimed that as our spot and called it the Marmy rock from that day forward.

Fast forward to like February of the next year, we went to look for the rock on a camping trip with our friends and couldn’t find it ANYWHERE. I was SO upset, but Marko assured me that we would come back soon to find it.

Okay, now back to Thurday, April 12…

The spot Connar, Ranz, and I pulled up to was familiar because it was Marko and my spot! He had found it without me knowing and send the directions to Connar to bring me to. I remember as we pulled up I said, “Whoa, this looks exactly like Marko and my spot! The one I was telling you guys about on the drive up here!” OH Connar and Ranz got me so good.

Connar got out of the car first to take a phone call from his “dad” because apparently there was something he has been helping his dad with and had to talk to him, or so I thought! I heard the voice on the phone and it reminded me immediately of my friend David’s voice, but I quickly brushed that off because I thought that there was no reason for David to be calling Connar right there and then. Later I discovered I was right! But anyways.

Connar came to my side of the car and opened the car to and quickly shouted “This is the spot guys, we found it!” I thought that was odd because I literally didn’t do anything to help him confirm the spot and I quickly asked him what he meant by “we” to which he said, “Oh! Me, you, and Ranz of course!” Yeah, he had me fooled.

It was like 42 degrees when we got there and I was in a dress and heals and was FREEZING so I quickly began to run while following Connar because I wanted to get the pictures and get it over with, but as we were running I noticed a familiar car in the parking lot. It was Marko’s car.

I was shocked because I thought he was in California, and as I turned around to tell Connor and Ranz about the odd coincidence, they had their cameras out taking pictures and a video. that’s when it hit me.

Oh my gosh. I turned around to find a trail outlined by beautiful mason jars filled with sunflowers, baby’s breath, and tiny white daisies, my favorites. At about halfway down this trail was a sign that said: “Marmy Rock” with an arrow pointing to our spot. Y’all can imagine, I freaked out. I started crying tears of joy and like sprinted down this beautiful trail. Almost at the end of the trail was our friend David, who was playing one of Marko and my favorite songs, Rivers, and Roads by the Head and the Heart. If you thought I was freaking out in the beginning, I lost it at this point.

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I followed the trail until it ended at this rock that was marked with a sunflower. The sunflower pointed to our rock, where Marko was sitting waiting for me. He was dressed in the color of the sweater we bought the day we found our rock and wow, he looked goooooooooood. I stood there in shock staring at him until he came up to me and hugged me, to which all I could say was “hi!” He walked me away from the edge of the canyon (smart move), and held me for a while. After saying I love you like a million times, Marko took a step back, got down on one knee and said something along the lines of AmyChristine, I love you. I want to love you for the rest of my life. I can’t wait any longer. AmyChristine, will you marry me?” And I said yes! And almost tackled him in doing so, but that was hands down, one of the best days of my life. After he proposed, I turned to see that almost all of my close friends were there! They made the trek up to the Grand Canyon just to be there for our special day and man oh man, did I feel the love.

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It was very cold, so after a few minutes, we all grabbed the beautiful mason jars, flowers, and signs and headed to our cars.

I will never forget that day and the detail and thought that Marko put into literally every aspect of that day. I am marrying the most thoughtful, kind, and amazing man I’ve ever met and God is just so stinking good for blessing me with him. Ya’ll, good men are out there, and I promise you’ll find them if you are true to yourself, and chase the Lord with all of your heart.

Special Thanks

Connor Johnosn
 | Photographer
Ranz Tinio
 | Videographer
David Salgado
 | Planning