Amy and Marc

how we met

Marc and I met at a backyard going-away party for some mutual friends the summer before senior year of high school. At the party we both noticed each other but didn’t say anything. We then started playing a “friendly” game of co-ed tackle football, and Marc and I were on opposite teams. I messed up one of the plays, and the next thing I knew, Marc had tackled me! He certainly left a good “impression” as within the next month I started asking my best friend, who was dating a friend of his at the time, to set us up. Another month later and we were dating!

how they asked

Marc and I were on a ski trip at Jay Peak, where we go at least once every year to ski or hike and where his family has had a home for over 50 years. Jay Peak was the first trip we took together back in 2011. We were out skiing and after the first run Marc said he hurt his knee. As a physical therapist, I couldn’t resist trying to help him so I kept yelling at him to let me take a look. He kept hobbling away and eventually went down on one knee, while I yelled at him for kneeling on a hurt knee! Then he began to take my gloves off and asked “are you ready?” and pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him, right there on the slopes! I immediately fell down in tears and was so overwhelmed with emotion I forgot to say yes until he prompted me!

Marc: The whole plan actually came very easy, it seemed so appropriate that our engagement should be where we first went on vacation and where we go every year no matter what. The hardest part was the execution because Amy makes nothing easy with always playing 20 questions, even when I suggest that we just go up to Vermont for a nice ski weekend. It started that the ring actually came in late and I had to pick it up the night before we left for Jay Peak. Then during the whole drive up (we left at about 5pm on Friday), I was in contact with the Jay Peak hotel hoping that they would have a contact for a photographer who is available the next morning. That is how I was put in contact with Kat Mooney (Thank you Kat, you are the best and we can’t thank you enough for everything you did, considering everything was setup in about 12 hours!). As Amy drove, I was setting up the details with Kat: where we would be skiing down from, what clothes I would be wearing so she could find me, where the proposal would take place, etc. My original plan was to propose at the peak, however we woke up the next morning to frigid temperatures and high winds which forced the tram and peak to close. On the way to the mountain, I made alternate plans with Kat for where we would meet. Where I was planning the proposal was on the opposite side of where we would be starting so I had to keep the ring box inside my jacket the entire time we were putting on our equipment, taking the ski lift up, and riding down a full slope. We made it down and once I saw Kat, I signaled to her, she got ready and the rest is as Amy said. It was a few minutes before she finally responded and some ski patrol had to help her up.

Special Thanks

Kat Mooney Photography
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Jay Peak Resort
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