Amy and Kyle

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How we met

My best friend Lizzy (who is also a very old friend of Kyle’s) mentioned to me while we were having a girls baking night that she had this friend who had just moved back from Australia and showed me his picture. I thought he was super cute so she let him know that we should hang out sometime… him and his friend were going out to one of our favorite bars that night and asked us to come but Lizzy & I weren’t really dressed for meeting anyone but your best friend so we planned to meet up at a friends house the next night. Turns out Lizzy had also gotten together with Kyle before she mentioned him to me and he had asked her if she knew any cute lawyers (she was in law school at the time) she told him no, but she knew a cute photographer and from that point things were in motion. We met up at the party the next night and I first saw Kyle on the street outside in his car (now I always joke that I picked him up on a street corner). We didn’t talk much that night (we were both pretty quiet people) but at the end of the night we played foos ball and exchanged information. A few days later we had our first date at one of my favorite coffee shops and the same bar we were supposed to have met at the first night to listen to some live music. We ended up dancing after hours of talking (making up for the first night of hardly speaking at all) and he finally kissed me while we were dancing to Peter Frampton’s Baby I love your way.

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how they asked

A few months after Kyle and I met things had moved along fast but unfortunately we had his upcoming move to Cameroon with the peace corps looming over our heads. We made plans of how to make it work but he was supposed to be gone for 2 1/2 years and the idea was pretty scary. When Kyle left we tried to Skype daily and wrote emails but the connection was really iffy and communication was difficult. When he ended up in the hospital in Cameroon it was just too hard for me being so far apart. After a lot of talking we decided the best decision would be for him to come home even though he was enjoying the work he was doing, there was a lot going on back home and the timing just wasn’t the best. About a week later he landed back in San Francisco and life resumed again. Soon after that he started asking about rings and I was getting an idea that he might propose. That winter we decided it would be fun to go ice skating and when we found out that there was an ice rink in union square it sounded perfect.

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We started the day at the San Francisco farmers market and did a little bit of shopping. After that we headed off to go skating. After spending about an hour trying to get me to stop clinging to him and the wall he finally pulled me in to the middle of the ice saying he needed to tie his skate.

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He got down on one knee, fussed with his skate for a minute and then pulled out a ring box and asked if I would do something for him “will you let me make you happy for the rest of our lives”… I said “yes” “yes yes yes!” and all the other skaters started clapping and cheering. Everyone was so sweet and full of congratulations. There was a group of women from Europe who were in our photos clapping so we became friends on facebook so they could see the photos and I’m still friends with them today. There were also some little girls who came up to me and started to skate along side me holding my hand and helping me to plan the wedding. They told me their dream wedding was a beach wedding and asked what mine was.

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After, we went out to dinner and celebrated with our families who were all there to watch and document the proposal. The day was extra special since Kyle’s grandmother was able to come watch even though she was very sick with cancer (another reason it was so good he came home from Africa) and was still there smiling and enjoying the moment with us. It was so nice to be surrounded by family and all of the new friends we made who happened to be skating with us that day. It all was so perfect and the memories are so sweet. January 14th was a day we will never forget!

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