Amy and Kalem

How We Met

Kalem and I met sophomore year of college at Fresno State and it didn’t take long before we started dating. We were both about 1.5hrs away from Fresno which made spending time with our families very easy. We both were welcomed into each other’s families so quickly and I just knew there was something special about this man.

My best friend and his best friend started dating only a few months before us and we did everything together (we still do). I am so happy to have met the love of my life so early on in college. We have shared so many great memories together and it taught us to grow together.

Fast forward six years and we bought our first house together! We decided to live in Modesto, CA (where he was from). I got my dream job at E&J Gallo Winery and we found the most perfect house; moving to Modesto just made sense for us. We always knew we wanted a fixer upper, and the house we bought made that a reality. So much time, sweat and love went into remodeling this 1950’s house and making it our dream. If those few months of renovating didn’t make me feel like Chip and Joanna Gaines, I don’t know what will.

How They Asked

For two months, we had been planning to go a small wine town called Murphy’s for their huge St. Patrick’s Day festival with our two best friends, his brother and sister in law, and a few other couples. When the day finally came, we got ready to head into town around 10:30 am, my fiance’s sister in law said she wanted to make a stop at Ironstone Vineyard’s to buy tickets for a concert they are attending at the vineyard’s amphitheater this summer. When we arrived, the winery had buckets and buckets of beautitful flowers lining the walkway and the tasting area looked out over the vineyards; it was truly a breathtaking view.

As soon as we arrived, I went with my best friend to the restroom, as we were coming back, my boyfriend, Kalem, was waiting for us in front of the flowers. This wasn’t out of the ordinary because he is such a gentleman and always waits for me. As we were walking, my friend walked ahead of us, Kalem stopped me, grabbed my hand and said, “I love you.” I was caught off guard (because I was ready to wine taste) and I said, “I love you too?” And he said, “I love you, babe, I want to spend the rest of my life with you…” And that was when I realized this special moment I’ve dreamed of since I was a little girl was happening. The man of dreams was asking me to marry him and I was speechless.

As we were soaking in the amazing moment, he said, “there’s a photographer over there,” and sure enough, the photographer was hiding by the flowers taking pictures of us. It was everything I’ve ever dreamed of. After we took photos, our friends were surrounding us with so many hugs, and so much love and excitement.

I immediately wanted to share the news with my parents, but neither of them was answering their phones. I finally got ahold my brother and we shared that special moment together. After about 12 times of trying to call my parents, I called my friend Karissa to tell her the news. We screamed of joy and I told her our plans for the rest of the day were to go wine tasting. Little did I know, there were more surprises to come.

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Once we got on the shuttle to head to downtown Murphy’s for the festival, I was on cloud 9, still trying to call my friends and family and no one was answering. We headed to one of our favorite tasting rooms and when we walked in, a table was reserved for us. Kalem then said, “it looks like the patio’s open, we should go check it out.” As we walked outside, my family, his family, and our closest friends were all waiting there to surprise me. I broke into the happiest tears I’ve ever cried as I was surrounded with love from 22 people that mean the most to us.

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As I went around to hug everyone, I saw one of my best friend’s, Paige, who flew in from Texas just to be there with us, which made my heart just explode of my happiness. My best friend Karissa who I shared the news with first was also there after driving six hours to spend the day with us. My parents later told me they didn’t want to answer my phone calls because they were afraid they’d give the news away; I figured I’d forgive them ;)

I was so overwhelmed with love that day and I cry happy tears just thinking about it. Kalem and I have been waiting seven years for this moment to happen and it was better than anything I have ever imagined. It was truly a dream come true to not only say yes to marrying my best friend but to also be surprised with all of our family and best friends. He planned everything so perfectly and put so much thought into this day, which is what means the most to me. I cannot wait to marry the love of my life! Some days should never be allowed to end.

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