Amy and Justin

how we met

We met in College at Texas A&M.

how they asked

Well I had gotten the green light from her parents to propose, and she had always mentioned that she wanted to go to San Francisco so I decided to surprise her on the trip with a proposal. I had never been to San Francisco and didn’t have any contacts their so I reached out to Ian Chin, who would take our proposal pictures, and he was super helpful by suggesting cool places to propose. I ultimately picked Shakespeare’s Garden because of how romantic and intimate it was. So we got to San Francisco and I had this plan to put the ring in my pocket and take her to the park and walk around. Ian stayed hidden on a bench nearby and when I got down on a knee he was there snapping pictures and my wife was completely surprised and loved the fact that I hired a photographer to capture this special moment. Ian crushed it! We did a 45 minute photo shoot after the proposal and the pictures came out awesome! We have several of the pictures framed hanging in our home.

Special Thanks

Ian Chin Photography
 | Photography
Shakespeare Garden
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