Amy and Jon

Image 1 of Amy and JonHow We Met: Jon and I met while going to college in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our love story started standard, as many do. Girl and boy meet. Girl flirts. Girl and boy date. Girl and boy fall in love. We started dating our last semester of senior year in college. I had just come out of the hospital after being so sick, I almost died. After graduating that spring, I moved to Lansing for a job. I lived there for a year before Jon came to join me. During that interim period is when our love story became our own, and we triumphed through adversity. I became deathly ill again and had to have my colon removed at just 23 years old. It seemed like an impossible feat, but having Jon by my side supporting me, cheering me on, I knew I could do anything. And I started to get better. He took a job at the same place I worked, and his first day was my first day back after surgery. Perfect to have my best friend there as I started this new journey.

how they asked: Fast forward a year after two surgeries and a year after Jon was living in Lansing, I was finally feeling alive again after spending the majority of our two years together very sick. We decided to go to Mackinac Island as a yearly trip around Memorial Day, so for the second year, we left north for the island.

We stayed the night in St. Ignace, the town just north of the Mackinac Bridge in the Upper Peninsula. In the morning, Jon suggested we go visit our favorite park that over looks the bridge.

When we got there, we were the only ones there. There was one other van that seemed to be abandoned in the parking lot, but I thought nothing of it. We walked around and laughed–no one makes me laugh like he does.

Finally, Jon suggested we take a few pictures, so he set my camera on a park bench and walked away, without setting it up. I was so confused. What happened next was a blur and neither of us remember what he said, but I remember screaming YES! and knowing I was going to marry my best friend. When he stood up, he told me, “I followed your rules: your nails are painted, I asked your dad, and there’s a photographer hiding over there in the bushes.” As I turned around, there was a man hiding taking our picture, waving to me as he asked me to be his wife. I couldn’t help but jump in his arms, which is where this picture comes from, my absolute favorite of he and I.