Amy and Joe

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How We Met

Joe and I met back in high school, when I was sophomore and he was a junior. Our school was hosting the Missouri Association Student Council Convention, and the entire Mehlville High School student council body were working all year to put this weekend together. The only thing left to do was to hang all the posters and prepare the school for the largest gathering of students from all over Missouri. All the MHS student council members were to report to the gyms to tape all of the posters. This took an entire day because these were not your average-sized posters, but rather 20 feet posters at the minimum. Somewhere amongst the mayhem, we passed each other and managed nothing more than a simple greeting. Later on that day, lunch hour was approaching and all of the student council members were to go to their scheduled lunches, which nobody did except us and a couple other students. While everyone went to the first lunch, we were left practically alone. We decided to tackle taping a poster together, and in those moments we became friends. We laughed the entire time and I couldn’t stop smiling. Throughout the weekend, we worked the convention and saw each other minimally here and there. I remembered looking for him every corner I saw and he would smile at me. It wasn’t until the very end, where all of the attendees and workers in the convention reported to the gym for a sendoff that we got to talk again. I thought this was the end because this had been the only time I was able to see him.One day, he came to my homeroom teacher looking for help in math. It took me the entire class period to have the courage to walk over and ask if he needed help. From then till the end of the school year, Joe always came to see me. My teacher was actually the one that set us up. She pulled me to the side one time during reading hour to tell me all about how great of a guy Joe was and how much he liked me. Later on, I found out she did the same thing to Joe during a different class period, which nudged him to ask me to the movies at the end of the year!

Within three months, we had grown to become best friends. We went through many ice cream, movie, and zoo dates. The week leading up to this day was filled with watching every single X-men movie released on DVD to prepare me to watch the newest X-men movie in theaters since I had never even heard of X-men. After we finally watched the newest X-men film, Joe was dropping me off and walking to me to my door when he turned to me and held my hand, the first time this had happened. He asked me to be his girlfriend. He was shaking of course, and I don’t even think I managed to say yes.

how they asked

Fast forward, about five wonderful years has passed since we have been together. We have been through high school, college, and a long distance relationship. Joe lives in Kansas City, MO while I am still in St. Louis. We are both pursuing a bachelor’s in nursing and I graduate in December. After a long time apart, due to finals and work, Joe finally got to visit. We planned to go to the botanical garden, which I thought was a normal day out to relieve my stress from finals. Joe brought up that they had free admission in the morning and wanted to be the first ones to get there. This wasn’t out of the ordinary for us because we absolutely love free things. Joe was insisting that we had to go to the English Woodland Garden while I really just wanted to go feed the fish in the pond. I gave in and we walked around in circles trying to find it. We finally reached the place, and there was no one around. We went through the garden walking around and reading all the little plant names. I wanted to keep on walking onward, but Joe stopped me. I didn’t realize what was happening until he held my hands and I could feel him shaking. Joe told me that over the past five years he could not think of a better person to spend his life with and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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I was so happy that I just got down on my knees with him and hugged him. When we got up and wiped our teary eyes, Joe told me to look over his shoulder to where the photographer was. We spent the rest of the morning and afternoon taking engagement photos. We couldn’t stop smiling and every time the photographer told us to put our heads closer, we couldn’t resist giving each other a little peck each time. It is truly in these moments that it is not worrisome to think about spending a life with someone forever, but more so if forever is long enough to spend a life with the most perfect person.

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