Amy and Jim


How We Met

Jim and I went to high school together in our small hometown of Medina, OH. We always ran around with the same crowd, but never really got to spend much time together. Although, as Jim would put it.. he always had a crush on me but he thought I didn’t know he existed. In reality, I always thought he was totally adorable.

It wasn’t until Jim graduated and was in college 3 and a half hours away that we reconnected when I was there visiting some friends. From that weekend on, we spoke on the phone for hours and I made the drive as often as I could to see him. We said “I love you” shortly after.  And he has made it clear every single day since that he loves me more than anything on the planet.

how they asked

8 (yes eight!) years after Jim and I began dating, my friends and I were taking a weekend break from PA school for a girls trip to Washington, DC.  I love DC, I have always felt very patriotic and it is completely magical. The energy is unlike any other city.

My girlfriends and I had planned a nice dinner for the first night we were there. So we spent the even getting dressed up.My best friend asked if we could stop by the Washington monument to get a cute girls picture before we headed to dinner.


As the 5 of us were lined up taking pictures in front of the monument, slowly the other girls started to back away and I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked behind me and Jim (who was supposed to be thousands of miles away at our home in Miami) was on one with a ring box in his hand.


He said “I guess the real question is: have you waited long enough? I want to take care of you for the rest of my life and I want you to take care of me. Amy Marie, will you marry me?”



Of course, I said yes.