Amy and Jeremy

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How We Met

Jeremy and Amy go way back, to their days in a marching band at Mountain View High School in Tucson, AZ. Their love did not become a reality until 2016, however, Amy has harnessed her love of Jeremy since freshmen year. He was the drumline captain, homecoming king, and lead in the high school musical his senior year. Naturally, freshman Amy was his biggest fan (in secret.. unless you were one of her friends. Then it is considered a poorly kept secret).

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She sat in the 3rd row of every Footloose show, far enough back to be in the shadows but close enough to hear his magnificent voice. It only took 13 years for her fangirl dreams to become reality. February of 2016 they went on their first date, a simple slice of pizza at Empire at 6:00 pm. This turned into the most perfect date and lasted until 4:00 am! It only took one date for them to know this is where they want to be.

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how they asked

Shoot to 16 months later, Amy and Jeremy were working at Camp AZDA, a children’s camp in Prescott, AZ for kiddos with Type 1 diabetes. Jeremy started at camp as a camper and is now one of the directors of diabetic counselors. He convinced Amy to work with him as a camp nurse. One camp tradition is Vegas Night, which includes a wedding chapel for campers and counselors to get “camp married”.

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Jeremy popped the question at the Vegas chapel alter after singing “The Next Ten Minutes” from the Broadway production of The Last 5 Years (a proposal song). Instead of a fake camp ring, he surprised Amy with a real engagement ring! We can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives figuring out love and life together.

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