Amy and James

How We Met

A mutual friend of ours set us up! We went on a date to Friendly’s, ended up ordering the same thing and spent time together every day since.

How They Asked

Every time we went to the mall I tried to pull him towards the jewelers, but he would always pull me away and say no. December 2016 we were Christmas shopping and I started walking towards the jewelers and he actually said “okay yeah lets go” which surprised me. I tried on all different rings and found one that I loved. He wrote down the details and we kept on shopping. I was waiting at all of these special moments through out the holidays but it never came. James always said “just trust me okay?”. So I did and I didnt let it upset me when it was almost January and still nothing. New Years Eve 2016 it was pouring rain, we didn’t have any plans, we were in our pajamas just having a few drinks and snacks, and watching the count down on TV. With only a few seconds to go we got up in front of the TV and held each other and started counting down from 10..9..8.. around 3 seconds left he let me go and got down on one knee and held the ring out. I looked down and saw him but had to do a double take because he has tricked me before! But this time the ring was there and I screamed “oh my god!!”. He asked me to marry him and of course I said yes and I swore it was the ring that I had picked out but he said it wasnt. It was the ring he bought 2 months prior to us going shopping that day. He had it planned all along but it never worked out until New Years and honestly, just the two of us cozy in our PJs, was perfect.

Special Thanks

Aline Marin Photography
 | Photography