Amy and Harrison

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How We Met

It was a particularly blah Tuesday night in April and I was suffering from my long and exhausting (two hour!) commute home from my PR job in Manhattan to Asbury Park, NJ while Harrison was grabbing a quick bite at a local bar, Bond Street. There – he met my twin sister Lisa and her then boyfriend Frank. After some fun conversation and drinks shared, they convinced him to join them at a local show down the street at a venue called The Saint, with promises that he’d meet Lisa’s ‘single & cute twin sister’. Lisa texted me on the train ride home gushing about the cute and sweet guy she met that was ‘perfect’ for me. I was exhausted from work and in no mood to meet someone, but I decided to humor her. Once I arrived at the bar, Lisa pointed at Harrison and said “That’s the guy I was telling you about!” in front of everyone. I saw a cute guy in a leather jacket standing against the wall, and part of me wanted to run but I decided to continue with the awkward introduction. After grabbing a drink & talking, we realized how much we had in common. We both loved the same obscure rock songs, we both felt the same way about where our lives were headed (we were both 24 at the time). Before we knew it, minutes turned to hours and we could have talked all night, but I decided to head home. I simply said ‘call me if you want to see me again’ and threw my business card into his car! (I was a bit jaded about dating back then – ha) Harrison must have respected the move, because the next morning he called to ask me on a first date! 5 years later, we still live in Asbury Park, we still love live music & we are grateful every day for three things: Lisa; for introducing us, music; for bringing us together – and Asbury Park; the magical little city where we’ve built a life together.

how they asked

To celebrate 4 years together, Harrison and I traveled to Italy with his parents and were lucky enough to visit Venice, Florence & Rome, all in 8 days! In Venice, we ate amazing food, drank good wine and marveled in the beauty and wonder that surrounded us in the historic city of love built on the sea. Although the weather was a bit dreary, it was hard not to become mesmerized by the history and charm that we found in every corner. We spent our days wandering through the streets, visiting the historic churches & enjoying long lunches with wine and pasta. One day – to our surprise – Harrison (an avid surfer) even found a way to surf with some locals off Lido Island. As our time in Venice was coming to a close, the sun peeked out for a brief time & Harrison suggested a Gondola ride. I thought nothing of it, but as soon as we got into the boat, Harrison’s mood changed and he was completely silent. Just as I started to worry if something was wrong, he got down on one knee right in the middle of the boat and said “Amy, you are the love of my life – will you marry me?” It was a beautiful private moment between us (and the gondolier), and one that we will treasure forever.

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