Amy and Dylan

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How We Met

Dylan and I have been dating since October of 2008. We are high school sweet hearts. Since we met so young we wanted to wait until we were more established in our future before marriage.

how they asked

Dylan and our friends and myself had planned a fun trip to Disneyland and slowly my family and his family started to join in on the fun. Normally I’d be suspicious of all of them coming but Disneyland is my favorite place so it’s not unusual for all of us to want to go together. We got to Disney and split up between the parks. My friends, Dylan, and I went to California Adventures while the families made their way into Disneyland. We rode on a few rides before we were suppose to meet up for lunch. When we got there we decided to go on some rides first, but Dylan claimed he had to go to the bathroom. So while he was in the bathroom we started to go into the shops right around the exit of Pirates of the Caribbean.

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We were looking around the stores when Dylan comes up and says hey remember when we got the caricature from this place when we first started dating in high school, I nodded and responded saying that was so long ago I don’t think we had it anymore. Dylan’s response was hey we have the money let’s get one! Being in the fun Disney spirit I thought, hey why not? So we sat down for another fun caricature. The girl proceeded to ask us what our favorite Disney characters are and my response was Rapunzel, so she told us that she was gonna warp our caricatures to look like Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder. We all say around and waited until finally the girl was done. I got up to look at our caricature and began to stare at my own noticing nothing else on the page.

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I looked up and said aww so cute, I love it. I noticed everyone had their cameras out and were all staring at me funny, I turned around to ask Dylan why everyone was looking at me so weird to find him down on one knee with the Disney’s Rapunzel inspired engagement ring that I wanted so bad in his ring box. I started to cry and Dylan asked “Amy Nicole Nichols will you marry me?” I of course said yes! I then realized that the caricature had Flynn Ryder down on one knee with a huge ring and a dialogue bubble saying “Amy will you marry me?” It was the happiest moment in my life and now I have the cutest caricature to hang up and remember it always!

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