Amy and Donald

How We Met: I started my freshman year at Temple University in Philadelphia in August of 2012, while Donald was starting his sophomore year. I quickly got plugged into a ministry on campus where he was already involved. Ironically, we can’t even remember the first time we officially met! Donald and I both joined the worship team and soon enough noticed we wanted to spend time together outside of practice. We began “bumping into each other” at the school cafeteria and eventually had our first date, a concert to see the band The Last Bison in December. Donald asked me to be his girlfriend after a romantic Valentine’s Day date just weeks after returning from winter break!

how they asked: We had discussed the idea of getting engaged this summer previously, so Donald knew I would be hard to surprise. He originally planned on popping the question at a simple picnic date down by the creek near his parents’ property, but the plans changed once I suggested we go on a hike while I was visiting for the weekend in his hometown. Although he had never been there before, Donald suggested we hike to The Pinnacle Overlook in Holtwood, PA. On this very hot and humid day, we hiked about two miles to the beautiful overlook where a photographer was waiting. I assumed the photographer was there to take pictures of the scene and ventured out onto the rock to take in the view. As I sat down, Donald asked me to come look at something on his phone. He stood next to me as I watched a personalized video of the lead singer of the band we saw on our first date playing us a song. I looked up at Donald and slowly started to realize what was happening as he reached back to get the ring from his backpack. While the song played in the background, Donald got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife!

Image 1 of Amy and Donald

Through the tears, I said “yes!” and we celebrated with a glass of champagne. After the hike, we went back to his house to another surprise: all of our family and friends had come to celebrate!

Photo by Abigail Dienner