Amy and Dillon

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how they asked

Dillon took me to a local farm with a pumpkin patch to keep me busy as our families drove to his home church to surprise me. He stalled by having me play with the farm animals for about an hour which I thoroughly enjoyed! It was starting to get chilly so he asked if I was ready to go. I said I was and he told me we needed to stop by his church to grab some stuff his mom left at small group the previous week. When we pulled up to the church there were no cars in the parking lot and I asked if it was locked. Dillon said no and asked if I could help him get the stuff so we could be on our way. I agreed and we made our way inside. I stopped dead in my tracks when we walked in and Marry Me by Train was playing. I looked up at Dillon for an explanation and his smile gave it away.

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I immediately turned into a puddle as he led me to the front of the church. There were six dozen roses lining the altar and he had me sit down between them. He got down on the floor and removed my shoes to perform the foot washing as Jesus did for His disciples. As Dillon is washing me feet he explains he is showing me that he will strive to have the heart and attitude of a servant and that he will always take care of me. When he finished washing my feet he looked at me with that promise of forever expression and told me how much he loved me. Dillon told me that I was his best friend and humbly asked if I would marry him! I said YES!

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