Amy and David

How We Met: On November 6, 2002- I met a boy who represented truth and grace to me. He was a boy who God used to get my attention- in such a unique kind of way. David and I first met this November night at Bennigan’s Restaurant, surrounded by mutual friends. He immediately started to pursue me- and in his witty ways, caught my heart. I was only 17 years old at the time- and David would tell me that he believed that I would be his wife. He was 18 years old and was convinced that he found his life-long best friend and forever spouse. This was amazing to me. He ‘just knew’. He loved me so much, so fast. I was captivated by his sweetness, embraced by the way he looked at me, and consumed by how David’s role in my life- was different than anyone I had ever know. Everything about ‘us’ made sense, but yet there were so many struggles against us. During that time there was a lot that happened- but I not only fell in love with David, I also fell in love with Jesus. David reflected a special kind of love- it was intriguing. He challenged my understanding of the Gospel- and God used him in this powerful pursuit. My heart was impacted and my life was transformed- in beautiful ways. I was drawn into a much closer and deeper relationship with Jesus than the one I had always known. My faith became more real than ever before.

For the last 12+ years – David & I have been journeying together through the mountains and the valleys God designed for us. Even in the hardest seasons, we fought for each other and witnessed God fight for us even more. In powerful ways, He worked in our lives, and in beautiful ways, He worked in our hearts. Despite the battles, we believed in God’s faithfulness, and we truly believed that He would bring us to the alter in marriage. We waited patiently, obediently, and faithfully.We know that we were (and always are) just living in the story God has written for us – and that it simply unfolds according to His timing and His plan. Truly, we are so thankful and so blessed.

Image 1 of Amy and Davidhow they asked: On June 28, 2014- David proposed… on a bridge covered in sunflowers, with the warm summer sunshine beaming down. Everything about the moment- was like our very own fairy-tale. I said yes- to marrying the man I have always loved- the man who defines loyal, reflects love, and embraces the joy of making me laugh. …this amazing proposal was also the last scene of the music video that we were filming. I had no idea! A week prior, David told me that he wanted to make a music video to a song that we both loved ‘Fine by Me.’ I was so excited to be a part of his creativity! On the day of my engagement, I woke up filled with so much peace- I went to hot yoga, the dentist, and then planned for a day of filming. Some of our dearest friends (aka members of the film crew) accompanied us to a beautiful park in Haddon Heights- to film our last scene. I was loving this whole experience- especially watching David direct the video- it was evident that he had put so much thought into it. David gave me directives about my cues (to follow after him). I just went with the flow, with minimal questions… When I turned the corner- I saw a bridge covered in sunflowers. There he stood- he turned- looked at me and smiled. It was a moment that I will never forget- I was simply captivated and thought “I am so in love with that man.” I walked up to the bridge- still with no idea that my life was about to change. He grabbed my hand and said sweet words as he got on one knee…and asked me to marry him. It was amazing. I was completely present in the moment. The world around me had completely disappeared. I was overwhelmed with surprise. Shrieking with excitement and gratitude. Tears of pure joy falling from my eyes- I stood there -captivated. In awe of God’s faithfulness, and so thankful for the man I am going to marry. David then told me- that that was the end of our music video. So yes he really got me, I had no idea that this was the whole reason for the music video!

The proposal was followed by a surprise engagement party!!! …I walked into my home, joyfully screaming with my mom as she welcomed me…and as I walked in further- there was a room filled with pieces of my heart! My dearest family & dearest friends (from all over) were there to share in this celebration! They were family and friends who have journeyed with us & prayed faithfully for us… for all these years. I stood there and shouted “I am so joyful!” …I was honestly bursting with happiness.

David was able to show everyone the entire proposal video that same night! The scene of him walking into Helzberg Diamonds was yet again, another surprise!

It was the most amazing day of my life so far!
So Blessed. So Thankful. So Joyful.

Image 2 of Amy and David

Engagement photo by: Julie of Pravada Photography
Engagement video/Proposal photos: Isaac Dawson & Erin Dolan