Amy and David

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How We Met

David and I met on Saint Patrick’s Day of 2014, the luckiest day of the year in the eyes of the Irish! Funny enough, neither of us are Irish, either way we took advantage of the fact that it was an excuse to dress in green, drink whiskey and prowl around Cincinnati with our established friends. David had recently returned from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and was starting his career back in Cincinnati. I had just graduated the following summer from Cincinnati University and decided to stay and continue my career in the city, along with the majority of my friends who I had met throughout college. On that Saint Patrick’s day in 2014 I remember getting ready in my cozy apartment in Mt Lookout, (downtown?) what I was wearing and how I put my make up on, I had a feeling that day was going to be different…. Perhaps, it was just the luck being in the air! I didn’t start that day thinking or planning on finding any special person, but just looking forward to a fun day with friends.

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We began the day at my friends house in Hyde Park. It started casual, when all of a sudden David walked through the door igniting the party. I was surprised to see someone I had never met before, especially at such a small party with my close friends. Before I knew it David was standing in front of me with his arm out saying “Hi, how do I not know you?” I cant lie – I was taken aback by how forward he was! I shook his hand said “I’m not sure, I’m Amy. Who are you?” Which followed by his response and asking to have a drink with me. Considering it was only noon on a Saturday, I declined and walked away wondering who this person was.

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After asking a few of my friends I found out David had gone to high school with most of the friends I had made throughout college, but our paths never crossed because he had been studying in Oxford and on holidays when he would be in Cincinnati, I would be in Centerville visiting my parents. As the story continues… I left the party and the day progressed, more whiskey was drank, and as luck would have it, mysteriously, we again bumped into each other on Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati. I could tell by the look on his face when he found me, it seemed as if he had been searching high and low to find me. He looked right at me, and said, “I knew, I shouldn’t have let you go…”

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how they asked

David proposed on July 3, 2017. I was SHOCKED! I had felt that the proposal was going to happen during our trip home to Cincinnati for 4th of July, but he had convinced me otherwise and told me “not to get my hopes up because he didn’t want to disappoint me”. On July 3rd I had scheduled a massage at my favorite salon in Hype Park, Alba Beauty Studio. My sister was kind enough to buy me a gift card for my birthday the previous year and I wanted to make sure I was able to use it before it expired! While I was nice and relaxed getting a massage, David was anxiously getting a pedicure in the downstairs area (nervously texting his family and friends to make sure his future plans would go off without a hitch). After the massage we had agreed to go adventure around our old stomping grounds in Mt Adams, where David had lived where we first met. I naturally wanted to make stops along the way, insisting that we drive through McDonald’s only for a fountain Diet Coke and stopping to finish our lunch we had saved from earlier. David is usually very patient with me and is always hungry, but that day he somehow had no appetite, and seemed a little anxious. I didn’t put too much thought into it, thinking maybe it was that we had had a busy week and he was trying to get home to lay down.

We eventually made our way up the hill to Mt Adams and David parked the car. I hopped out and insisted we go to “our steps” so I could snap some pictures overlooking downtown Cincinnati for my Instagram. David agreed and we began walking. As we approached the steps there was a young woman playing the violin and I stopped dead in my tracks, I turned to David and told him we would just have to get the view from here because I didn’t want to interrupt her practicing, or interrupt someone’s proposal! It was at that time when I looked at David I knew that this wasn’t for someone else…. it was for me! I ran forward towards the steps, full of emotion and adrenaline when David got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Afterwards we hugged and laughed and I screamed a bit too.

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The poor violinist and hidden photographer were so sweaty, thanks to my delays getting to the spot, all I can remember is profusely apologizing! After we snapped some pictures David and I headed down the hill with the windows down and smiles on our faces. At this time I had tried calling my mother about 15 times without her answering and I became very frustrated. David had told me that we were meeting his family at their jewelry store downtown for champagne and we could FaceTime my parents who were at their lake home when we get there.

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Just as I was thinking of how I was going to nicely tell my mother off when she eventually did answer, we walked through the jewelry store doors and to my surprise my mother, father and brother were all waiting with David’s family. The tears started flowing again! David had pulled off the engagement of a lifetime and I couldn’t have imagined a better day. The night carried on with more tears, laughs, great music, Fireworks, food and lots of champagne!

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Special Thanks

Tommy Zipperstein
 | Photographer
Matthew Bortz
 | Jeweler/Host