Amy and Dat

How We Met

Dat and I met back in 2013. The first time we met was during my 22nd birthday, which I had no memory of :D (guess it wasn’t love at first sight). Well, I caught his attention because he asked to go on a double date! I was reluctant at first but decided to go along. A date was set and he later decided to cancel. He said he had to study for his GMAT, which I didn’t believe, but brushed it off.

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Fast forward to a few months later and he showed up at my cousin’s BBQ. We got to talking and I gave him my number. He’s definitely a charmer and always makes me laugh. Since then, we’ve had so many amazing adventures together. From Mexico to Greece, India, Africa, Italy, France, Japan, Australia and many more. So excited for our future and many more adventures.

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How They Asked

During my birthday weekend in February, we decided to go back to his hometown. He planned a day in Boston for just us, where we had brunch with friends, went to the Boston public library, got some desserts (he knows the way to my heart) and walked around in Boston. We went back to his parent’s house where his mom was having a gathering. Later in the night, he came out with a birthday cake and everyone sang. I made a wish and blew out the candles. As I started to cut the cake, I knew there was something wrong.

My knife wouldn’t go through and stopped mid-way. I attempted to cut the cake and as I tried and fail said: “there’s something wrong with this cake!” Finally, I pulled out the piece that I managed to cut and saw that there was plastic, thinking the baker left the plastic in the cake! As I pulled out the plastic, it revealed a box. I couldn’t believe it!! I was in shock. Dat was down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was over the moon. So excited for our next adventure!

Special Thanks

Lynn Le, Jane Le, Theresa Le, Karen Le
 | Cousins/Sister (Jane) - picked up the cake and helped with the proposal