Amy and Daniel

How We Met

My Aunt Gayle was getting married and her date was set for August 1, 2015. During her wedding preparations, my older sister and I were specifically told no eligible men will be at the reception. My friend was also coming into town from Virginia and asked if I would like to meet her and a few other friends out at a brewery August 1st. I figured I would only stay at the reception for a little bit (and invited someone else to go out with me) and then head out to meet my friends. August 1st, 2015 the best “meet cute” happened. A man walked in a little late during cocktail hour wearing a very loud plaid blazer and glasses. I noticed him right away but kept “no eligible men” in the back of my head. I kept stealing glances during the dinner portion of the reception to see if he was with a date, he wasn’t.

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It turned out that the stars aligned for me that night, as my friends decided not to go out anymore. I decided to stay at the reception with the rest of my family. When the music started Bye Bye Bye by N’SYNC came on, he and his friends hit the dance floor but he didn’t know he moves. He tried to get me out there, but I was just too nervous. A little while later I saw him standing at the bar, and this is where my mother likes to take the credit, lol! Something told me to just go over there and to see what would happen. He noticed me off the side and we started talking, and talking, and talking. He knew my aunt’s new husband through a softball league. He also told me he played in a softball tournament all day and wasn’t going to come to the reception either. The rest of the night is what I call history, we danced and talked for the rest of the night. Even when we left the reception we were texting that same night. We had our first date the very next day, and until recently (into our 3rd year of being together) we have never spent more than a few days apart.

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Dan and I had a meet-cute at my Aunt’s second wedding. He was a softball friend of the groom, and I spotted him immediately as he was wearing a bright plaid blazer. I saw him alone and I went over to say hi (which I never do) and from there we were never apart. We spent the rest of the night together, and every day after. We met on August 1, 2015, and we got engaged on May 1, 2017. I will start with our proposal story by saying I am Disney OBSESSED! We had been planning our Disney trip with my family 6-9 months in advance and as we got closer to the vacation dan said he was going to invite his family as well. This included his parents, brother, and nephew. In the back of my mind I was thinking he would propose to me, but in February he told me it was not going to happen there because he couldn’t afford a ring.

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Little did I know this is the month he bought the ring. After shedding some tears I tried to get the idea out of my head. We arrived in Disney on a Sunday and we immediately head to the parks. I was trying to forget about a proposal all day but as Monday morning approached. Dan said we should take a family photo with everyone and he said we were meeting up with my aunt. Everyone wanted us to take pictures together first. We took a few pictures and he turned me towards him. He started crying (which he still won’t admit to) and started his speech. Before I knew it he was taking a box out of his pocket and bending down on one knee. I had laryngitis and couldn’t talk so I immediately started shaking my head up and down frantically.

He had set up a photographer to take pictures of everything and his brother videotaped it on his phone. It was truly amazing, and my now fiancé Dan planned everything to a T. I wouldn’t change a thing. I got engaged at my favorite place, in front of the castle in the Magic Kingdom to my favorite person. We set our date for 10/6/2018 and I can’t wait!

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