Amy and Corey

How We Met

I moved to Memphis TN for my job back in April 2015, from New York City. My whole family lives in the Northeast, so when I moved, I did it alone and without knowing anyone in the South. It was super scary! When I got to Memphis, I had a hard time meeting people and finding friends, so I started looking for love on OkCupid, the dating app. Between April 2015 and May 2016, I had dated a few guys but nothing super serious.

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Amy's Proposal in Ketchikan, Alaska

Starting around May 2016, I was ready for something a little more serious, so I put more effort into dating and finding a possible suitor. That’s when Corey came along. Corey and I “matched” on OkCupid and started some app conversations. We ended up talking through text for almost two full months before I finally agreed to go on date with him. The week of our first date, I had like two other dates lined up, haha. I was just playing the field and getting to know people. Poor guy…haha.

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When I met up with Corey, I was fairly tired that day and was a little tired of dating. I didn’t put a whole lot of effort into my appearance and even showed up about 5 minutes late, which made him super nervous. He took me to this restaurant called “Houston’s”, which was fairly fancy. We ended up sitting at that restaurant for about 3 hours talking, we basically closed down the place. I remember calling my close friend that night, after the date, and telling him that I felt really good about this guy.

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Proposal Ideas Ketchikan, Alaska

Soon after that, we were together a few times a week. I could feel we were headed in a serious direction and liked where it was going. About a month after our first date, Corey took me on a date that I now call “The Ringer”. Corey is a pilot, and he was able to get us a small airplane for the night. He flew me to Lambert’s Cafe in Missouri, all while watching the sunset, just for dinner. During the flight back, we even saw a shooting star. That was the night I completely fell in love with him and knew this was just the beginning of our story.

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How They Asked

Corey and I had a cruise to Alaska planned for this September. It was a 7-day inside passage cruise. In the past few months, I was getting very anxious and pushy about getting engaged. This August, we celebrated three years today, and I was ready for the next step. This winter, we even looked for engagement rings, so I knew something was possible in the next few months. The thought crossed my mind that we might get engaged on the trip, but Corey kept telling me not to get my hopes up. Eventually, I just pushed it to the back of my mind.

Our first port was in Ketchikan, Alaska where we took a small 50-person boat to look for eagles, lighthouses and other Alaska features. During our tour, we even got to see a humpback whale! We pull up to the Guard Island Lighthouse, which is in the middle of a picturesque bay in Alaska. There are mountains all around, and it’s truly a beautiful area. I asked the deckhand to snap a few pictures of us in front of the lighthouse.

After a few quick photos, the deckhand asks “How long have you guys been married?”. I respond in a very snarky and Amy-like tone of “We’re not. But I’m working on it.” Corey turns to look at me and says “Well I might be able to fix that”. Before I know it, the entire boat is cheering, and Corey is down on one knee asking to marry me. I am so surprised!! After responding yes, I proceed to jump and scream in a circle of joy, getting laughed at by all witnesses.

Later I asked Corey if the deck hand knew, and set up the scene. He did not. At the moment, it was the most perfect surprise set up anyone could have asked for!