Amy and Cody

How We Met

Cody and I met in the fall of 2012 while we were in high school. We hung around the same people for a little bit but after Christmas Break, we hadn’t talked. In Fall 2013, my Mom and I went to Outback which is where he worked. We had seen each other in passing but never talked, however, that night was different. As I was leaving Cody said “I’ll talk to you later” which was odd seeing as how we hadn’t spoken in months. A few days later he messaged me on Facebook and the rest is history!

Amy and Cody's Engagement in Carnival Ecstasy Cruise Ship

Proposal Ideas Carnival Ecstasy Cruise Ship

How They Asked

Cody and I met in high school. One night while he was working at Outback he said “I’ll talk to you later” as I was leaving. At the time it was funny because we had not even talked that night. That September we began dating. Ever since then it has not been and if we get married it has been a when we get married. While on winter break, Cody told me we were going Christmas shopping in South Carolina. We frequently take trips to North Carolina to shop so I never thought anything of it. Later that day he told me we were actually going on a 7-day cruise! This was my first cruise so I was super excited! Our second day at sea was elegant night. So we got dressed up for dinner and went to take pictures since we rarely ever dress up. After a few pictures, I assumed we were done and began to walk away. Cody grabbed my hand and said,” Remember when I said I’d talk to you later, well I want to talk to you forever.” At this point, things clicked and tears began to flow! Needless to say, I said Yes and can not wait to spend my life with my high school sweetheart!