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Amy's Proposal in Old Time Christmas Tree Farm in Spring, TX

How We Met

Bryan and I met each other in our seventh-grade English class. I immediately knew who he was because he was the tallest guy in our school! We talked in class pretty often but fast forward a year and I started receiving text messages from a random number telling me to stop prank calling them. I responded back saying that I wasn’t and asked who it was. Turns out it was Bryan and we began texting as many middle schoolers do. I found out four years later that the prank call bit was a joke and that he just needed a reason to talk to me! When Christmas break rolled around during our eighth-grade year in 2009, he asked if I wanted to go see a movie together. My mom said yes, so the three of us plus my sister, cousin, and three other friends went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks 2! I will always remember sitting in that movie theater next to Bryan and having him lean over and asking me to be his girlfriend! Who would have thought these two insanely awkward middle schoolers would be here today?!

how they asked

Something you should know about me is that there are three things that I absolutely love: Disney, Christmas, and Hallmark Movies, and I am so lucky that I found a guy who loves that about me, even though it made my proposal expectations high! Being together as long as we have, 8 years in December, we had discussed marriage and his plans for proposing and I told him that there were three things I wanted to have for the proposal. I wanted my nails to be done, us to look nice, and someone to capture it on film and through pictures, and I got all three!

I had just gotten home from college for Thanksgiving break when my sister texted asking if I wanted to get my nails done the next day. I didn’t think anything of it because she had a bad experience the last time she went and wanted to get them fixed. Bryan and I were going to see the new Disney-Pixar movie COCO that next night so I told her it had to be early. Luckily it went off without a hitch. The next day was Thanksgiving and my aunt had planned a family turkey trot that morning. Bryan and I ran together and I spent the entire time pestering him about when he was going to propose, but by the end of the race, I was convinced that I wasn’t going to be happening until December. Lunch and dinner with our families went well without raising any suspicion out of me, not even when my mom suggested that we should visit a Christmas tree farm on Saturday. They did run into some trouble when I told them I wanted to wear my signature big t-shirt in leggings though since that was all I brought with me. However, my mom expressed that she wanted family pictures and Black Friday took care of the outfit.

When Saturday rolled around I was working on papers for school and waiting until it was time to get ready to go to the farm. I had invited Bryan along earlier but he said he had too much homework so he couldn’t go. When we got to the farm I was too busy trying not to sink into the grass with my heels to notice anything so I just followed my family around. We reached a small patch of trees when all of a sudden I heard a familiar voice say “Amy.” I looked up and there he was, but I was more confused than anything so I began to walk towards him and that’s when I saw a Christmas tree decorated with photos of us and ornaments that we picked up on trips together. That’s when I knew. He told me about how he’s loved making every one of the memories on the tree and how he could have never imagined that nearly eight years ago, when he asked me out, that he would be asking out his future wife. It was like a scene out of a Hallmark movie! Then he asked me the question that I had been waiting so long to hear, “Will you marry me?” and I said “YES!”

When we were talking about how he came up with this idea, Bryan said that he wanted to include the things I loved while making it special for the two of us. Now every year, when we’re picking out our Christmas tree, we’ll be able to remember this special day!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Old Time Christmas Tree Farm in Spring, TX

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