Amy and Brandon

How we met: B & I grew up just 15 minutes apart, but didn’t meet until August 2008 when we started college. We were close friends from the day we met, but didn’t start dating until October 2009. He asked me to be his girlfriend in the middle of the street near the athletic building that we both spent a lot of time in-I played volleyball, and he played football. We have been inseparable ever since!


how they asked: After graduation in May 2012, we moved far away from campus. It wasn’t until 10/25/14 –two weeks after our 5th dating anniversary– that we returned to our college campus together. We were there to attend the wedding of two wonderful friends that we knew from college. After the ceremony, we were going to walk around campus to see the changes that had been made since we graduated before we had to drive to the reception.

I hadn’t been back to campus in two and a half years, but B had been a few times. B was even able to return to campus earlier in the month for Homecoming festivities, but I had to work and couldn’t attend. Little did I know, B was asking around to find someone to photograph our special moment. One of his fraternity brothers (currently in school but wasn’t there when we were in school so I didn’t recognize him) agreed to takes pictures for us.

We drove away from the chapel where the wedding was, and parked in the lot next to the dorm I lived in where we first got together. As far as I knew, we were walking to see the new football field! In the moment, I saw a man with a camera on the lawn, but didn’t connect the dots. B grabbed my hand as we were in the middle of the street, like when he first asked me out, and got down on one knee, which brought out the water works immediately. He said, “Will you marry me?” and I said OF COURSE!

DSC_0418 (2)

We celebrated our engagement at the Chicago Blackhawks game the next night-with a win!!We are so excited to dive in to wedding planning and begin the next chapter of our lives together!