Amy and Andrew

How We Met

Andrew and I met through mutual friends. We went on a date together and he began to pursue me. I was getting out of a relationship and not in the right spot to begin another one. We stayed friends for a while and then rekindled at a st. Patrick’s day party about six months later. The chemistry was instant and after the party he walked me out to my car and asked me to go on a date with him later that week. I said yes and we stood there staring at each other, truth be told I was hoping he would kiss me, but he didn’t that day. We went on a date a few days later and just never stopped dating. I knew right away he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

how they asked

I got a call from Andrew a couple days earlier saying he had an idea for a fun Saturday! He wanted to take me to Big Bear with another couple that we are good friends with, one of whom happens to be an amazing photographer. Andrew was acting all jittery on the phone and stumbling over his words. He even forgot the name of the town and called it “That bear lake place”. I had an inkling that maybe this was going to be the day, but it seemed to early. I had just looked at rings in person the week before! When the day arrived he was so calm, he was in no rush and it seemed like such a normal day that I brushed the thought aside. We drove up to Big Bear with our friends and set out to do this beautiful hike.

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I still thought maybe, and when we reached the top I got a little nervous. We stood out on the big rock at the end of the hike with this beautiful view of the lake. We took some pictures and then headed back to get some dinner. At this point I had completely thrown the idea out of the window. I mean if he was going to propose that would have been the spot!!

Amy and Andrew's Engagement in Big Bear Lake, California

As we drove to dinner his friend asked if we could stop at this dock to take some photos. He said he needed some action shots of him shooting pictures for his website. So he took some photos of us as his girlfriend took photos of him. At this point proposal was no where on my mind, honestly I was hungry so I was thinking about where we should go eat.

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We took some photos and then Andrew began to tell me how much he loved me, and how great we are together. I still didn’t get, I remember thinking “Wow he’s being so affectionate in front of his friends. ” All of a sudden he reached in his pocket and pulled out a box. I started freaking out and the rest is history!!

He knows I am a hard person to surprise so he planned a whole day with the beautiful hike just to throw me off!! It worked incredibly well!

He even managed to fly to Oregon to talk to my parents for THREE whole days without me having a clue!! Easiest decision I have ever made to say YES!!

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