Amy and Aaron

How We Met

Cooper and I met 10 years ago when we were in 8th grade. We went to different schools at that time, but ended up going to the same high school. Our freshman year we had health class together and we would sit in the back of the class sharing a set of headphones and laughing hysterically at different comedians he had on his iPod. Cooper tells me he wanted to date me since the moment he laid eyes on me back in 8th grade, but we were never anything more than friends throughout all of high school. Fast forward to December 27th, 2010. It was the day before my birthday and my first year of college. I was at the mall in my hometown celebrating my birthday with some girlfriends when I bumped into Cooper at the ice skating rink. We sat down and talked for a little while and then went our separate ways. That night I couldn’t get him off my mind. All of the sudden this boy who I had known since 8th grade, who was always just a friend, instantly became the man who was consuming my every thought. Later that night we started talking, catching up, and learning more about each other than we had ever known in the previous 4 years of knowing one another. Shortly after that night we started dating and the rest is history.

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how they asked

It was the day before my birthday on December 27th, and Cooper was taking me to meet my girlfriends for a birthday dinner. We went to a restaurant right next to the ice skating rink where Cooper and I had run into each other 5 years prior to that day. Throughout our relationship, I would always remind Cooper of December 27th and how if it weren’t for that accidental run in at the mall, we may not have ever started dating. After dinner we all started heading to our cars. As we were walking out, Cooper stopped me right on front of the rink. At that moment I knew exactly what was about to happen. My eyes started welling up with tears as he stepped in front of me with tears in his eyes and got down on one knee. I was so overwhelmed with joy that I didn’t say a word and just bent down to hug him not realizing I didn’t actually answer him. Once I caught my breath enough to speak, I said yes with tears rolling down my cheeks and he put the most beautiful ring I have ever seen on my finger. What started off as a boy with a crush on a girl who was completely clueless, has turned into love that I never thought was possible.

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