Ammar and Nimra

How We Met

We met at Jules Pizza in Princeton and I know it’s cliche to say but for me, it was love at first sight. I knew then that I had found the missing piece, the one that completes me.

How They Asked

I had been planning to propose to Nimra somewhere along the Jersey City/Hoboken area since she loves the New York skyline. I wanted the skyline to be our background when I asked her the question, the question to spend our forever together. I had planned to get my family and friends along with her family at friends together at a restaurant in Hoboken with the NYC skyline views. With the whole COVID 19 situation, our plans got cancelled and we couldn’t really get our family and friends together, but it still didn’t stop us from going over to Jersey City. We were walking around to find a spot to put our tripod and take a picture together but it was actually a video. Briefly, after she thought we had taken a picture, I told her that I brought her here for another reason, and I asked her to Marry Me…and yup, she said YES!!

#quarantineengagement #4/4ever