Amira and Elias

How We Met: I met Elias on his birthday weekend in an Arabic concert that happened to be in Vegas. I was introduced to him by my cousin Issa for a split of second and that second will never leave my memory. (Love at first sight? :) we think so) A week after Vegas we met again; his cousin was getting engaged to my cousin. It was a crazy coincident, but we sure didn’t mind it; we didn’t really talk but couple of weeks passed by and I happen to find him on myspace.

Small little chats were formed, nothing crazy or serious. Exactly a year later, at our cousins wedding day we finally meet again. (they say third time is a charm, in our case it sure was), face to face and we couldn’t even get a normal conversation from all the nerves. I still remember I was so nervous infront of him that I asked the silliest question, we both laugh at till this day.. “Do you know where is my mom?” (Yes, I really did ask that question, but honestly in my defense I was so nervous to even think, could have been worse right?)


After the wedding, thanks to MySpace and Facebook, we finally had the courage to get to know each other. Our first kiss, unexpected yet so perfect the night we met up after my class in downtown Fullerton. Lets just say he just made my knees weak; My heart was already skipping beats.

how they asked: Once upon a year ago, my handsome prince took me on a beautiful surprise date at the Sunset Ranch Hollywood for our first horseback ride together. As soon as we made it to the top of the hill, looking over the city and admiring how gorgeous this place and the view was, my love said lets take a picture! On top of the world we looked like we were, next to two big beautiful horses standing next to the man of my dreams that alone is the perfect picture.


However, as soon as the lady said smile, my prince charming let go of me, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!! (Now, if you really ask me what did he say word-by-word I’d be lying if I remember haha) Surprised, thrilled and beyond happy I couldn’t wait to say YES to this man of my dreams.


Every Girl dreams of the day she falls in love and gets that fairytale proposal. That day was the happiest moment of my life thus far! Princess like surprise proposal, I couldn’t have asked God for the perfect man to spend the rest of my life with. (For almost 4 years, i’ve begged to go horseback riding together and he always said soon, soon. The day he proposed, Elias told me that he wanted to save this trip to make it a special one for our proposal, it was worth the wait!)


What makes this day even more special is the fact that my maid of honor Katya, my two lovely soon to be bridesmaids Runa and Chrissy were able to be part of this surprise.