Amira and Animesh

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How We Met

I met my fiancé, Ash, at work. In September 2016, I started my first job in a pharmacy. Like any girl, I always hoped to meet a cute guy at work but after having a look around I was thoroughly disappointed. After working there for about four months we had our first staff meeting and that is when I met Ash for the first time. I had never seen him before because we always worked on different days. I remember thinking to myself, “Who is this handsome guy walking into the pharmacy that I have never seen before?!”.

Ash was a pharmacist and I was a pharmacy student in my first year at university. Since Ash was a lot more senior than me at work, I thought he would see me as a kid and nothing would ever happen between us. Throughout our time at work together, he did show signs that he liked me, e.g. we had our lunch break at the same time one day and he called it ‘a date’ and bought me lunch; he would buy me a coffee or a juice every morning even when I didn’t want anything; he would text me before work events to ask if I was going; he would call to help me with my uni assignments. I wasn’t sure if he was doing these things because he was a nice person or because he liked me. I still thought nothing could happen between us and promised myself I would never date someone I worked with. So, I secretly liked him from afar for two years and kept telling myself it’s just a crush, it will go away.

One day, Ash and I were talking to one of our regular customers, and she said “you both look beautiful together, you should get married” and my instant response was “No way!”. I was so embarrassed my face turned red, and Ash’s response was “She said no, so what can I do?” I was quite confused with his response. After work, Ash called me and asked why I was so quick to say “No way!”, and asked whether he had done anything to upset me, or to hurt me. So, then I asked about his response and said “If I had said yes, then what would you do?” and he said “well maybe we can start off by going out on a date?”. He told me that he also liked me all this time but wasn’t sure if I saw him the same way. We went out on our first date and here we are now, 4 years later, and our wedding is in 4 months!

How They Asked

Ash told me that he was taking me out for fine dining at a restaurant in the city. He said that we could walk around the city after dinner and enjoy the Vivid lights and that he booked Pier One to stay the night so we didn’t have to worry about driving home late. I thought, how sweet is he booking this amazing date night, I was so excited and couldn’t wait! That night, we went to Pier One to check into our hotel room. Our room wasn’t ready yet, or so he said, so we sat in the lobby waiting. Ash complained that he had a stomach ache and needed to go to the bathroom. I told him that there should be a toilet nearby that he can use but he didn’t like using public toilets and insisted that he go up to the hotel room. I asked to go with him so I can check out the room but he said to wait as he wouldn’t be long and we were running late for our dinner reservation, which he said was at 5pm. Later I realised the restaurant opened at 5.30PM and the reservation was at 6.30pm.

As I waited for him, a lady came up to me and asked if I was waiting for my partner and if his name was Ash, I replied, “Yes, is everything ok?” and she said, “He is upstairs and told me to come and get you.” I was so confused, but I followed her to the room. Before I walked in she gave me a card that said “Read me out loud.” The card took me back to a time before we first started dating and it said, “A long time ago you were asked by someone whether you would marry me, and you replied “No”. To be more precise, it was “No way!”. Now that we have been together for many years, if someone asked you that same question how would you respond? Meet me inside”.

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My heart started beating so fast, I was in tears, and as soon as the door opened I saw another table with a bunch of red roses, two bowls of burger rings and a card which read, “I once gave you the option of either having one ring for the rest of your life, or a lifetime supply of burger rings to eat. I want to make a new offer. I love you so much that I am willing to give you both. You can start eating the burger rings now, however for the other ring, I need you to answer one question…Meet me on the balcony!” This message took me back to a time Ash asked me what kind of ring I would like if he was to ever propose and I told him that I would be happy with a packet of burger rings, which are my favourite chips. The moment was so perfect. I could hear the song “I do” by 911 playing in the background. With tears of joy, I walked out onto the red carpet on the balcony to see Ash waiting for me holding the most breathtaking ring I have ever seen. The balcony had amazing views of the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and the city skyline. There was a big love heart made out of beautiful red roses and in the middle it said, “WILL YOU MARRY ME”. I walked up to Ash and greeted him with a big hug and he said “There are so many things that I want to say to you at this point, here, right now, but I thought I would keep it simple and say that I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you,” and then he got down on one knee and asked , “WILL YOU MARRY ME? ”. I said “YES!”and firework fountains lit up. It was the most happiest moment and the best day of my life.

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