Amina and Alex

Amina and Alex's Engagement in Panama City beach florida

How We Met

Alex and I met through mutual friends and ever since the first day we saw each other we’ve been inseparable. We were 15 when we met and now we’re 21. We are high school sweet hearts. He is my soulmate and my person.

How They Asked

My boyfriend of 6 years proposed to me on vacation in Florida. We like to go to Panama City beach almost every year so I wasn’t expecting this big surprise. He told me he wanted to go on the beach and take pictures. As I walked out to the spot where we were taking pictures I turned around to find him down on one knee. He told me he knew the first time he saw me that he wanted to marry me. My heart melted. It was very…surreal. I was so happy and so nervous. I thought I must be dreaming. So much was happening all at once. People from the balconies and on the beach were cheering.I’ve never felt anything like it. He later told me it took him months to customize the perfect ring for the most perfect woman. He made our vacation truly unforgettable.

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