Amie and Mitch

How We Met: We met in December 2008 at a mutual friends 21st birthday, we have been best friends since meeting that night. At the party Mitch was 16 and Amie was 20. There was an instant connection between us both and Mitch pursued me for the rest of the night…. But because I was older and too proud there was no way I could possibly be seen kissing a 16 year old boy who couldn’t even drive yet! So from that night our friendship flourished and our bond as best friends became one of a kind. We were there for each other through all of the good times and all of the bad. Mitch was my go to when I was down and I was his…. always..

In December 2013 I bought Mitch a scuba diving course voucher for his birthday which we both decided to do in December 20th-22nd. From then on it was ‘us’ no longer just best friends…

“Marry your best friend” could never be more true, it’s been the best time of our lives.

Image 1 of Amie and Mitch

how they asked: Mitch got down on one knee when we were sitting in a hanging teepee covered in fairy lights which was MADE by Mitch himself. The teepee swings between 2 pine trees in a paddock next to the flat we live in at the back of my parents property in Dural.

In May 2014, Mitch and I reluctantly said goodbye to one another as I took off on a 2 month trip around Europe with my friends. While I was off travelling the world. Mitch had other plans and got started on the ultimate wedding proposal. He spent the next 8 weeks designing and constructing a fairy-light covered hanging bed to surprise me when I returned home.

Finally, the big day arrived.. it was the 9th July 2014 and I ran and jumped into the loving arms of Mitch who was waiting at Sydney airport. Later that afternoon as the sun was setting Mitch walked me out into the pine forest and revealed the most romantic surprise any girl could ever imagine. It was magical to say the least..the fairy-light covered teepee swung slowly in the breeze which was suspended between 2 tree’s in the forest.

Image 2 of Amie and Mitch

Surrounded by candle-lit lanterns, the sun slowly setting in the background

And to top it off a photographer hiding in the distance to catch the incredibly intimate moment.

Image 3 of Amie and Mitch

After spending a few minutes laying in the teepee together, Mitch got down on one knee and popped the big question.

Image 4 of Amie and Mitch

He even had Isaac (photographer) hiding behind the trees to capture the moment…. and lets not forget the go-pro hidden up in the treetops. Here is the photographer’s blog about the proposal.

Image 5 of Amie and Mitch

Image 6 of Amie and Mitch

Image 7 of Amie and Mitch
Image 8 of Amie and Mitch

Image 9 of Amie and Mitch

Photos by: Iledly Photography