Amie and Kamil


How We Met

Kamil and I met online but we didn’t meet up for months. I took a semester abroad shortly after meeting online and when I came back, I started posting on Instagram about starting my journey to prepare for my first bikini competition. He messaged me asking about my interest in body building and my fitness journey. He would continuously encourage me with my progress and eventually suggested we meet up to go to the gym together. I don’t like working out with people, but for some reason I agreed to go with him and I am so glad I did!

how they asked

My boyfriend planned a surprise trip for me to visit him in LA for a weekend. He told me to make sure I had work off but wouldn’t tell me why. When I confirmed I was free that weekend, he emailed me the confirmation of my first class sky priority tickets to LA. Earlier in the week we were talking about doing a date night because we hadn’t done one in a while. He told me he met someone at the gym who would give us a free package through her company as long as we let them film our experience for marketing purposes (that was his excuse to explain the camera man with us).

So our Saturday date night came along and I had no clue what we were doing until we showed up at the place, walked in, and I see large lettering that says “helicopter tours.”


The entire time, I was completely oblivious to what was happening.


Our Video

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