Amie and Justus

how we met

I knew I wanted to marry Justus the day that I met him (cliché I know, but it’s true!). It was a sunny September 6, 2014 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I made my way to Dreamstyle Stadium to watch the New Mexico Lobos beat the Arizona Sun Devils (they didn’t) with one of my best friends. It was at the tailgate I spotted the tall, dark, and handsome guy I would soon fall in love with. We locked eyes from across the field and he shouted a barreling “HEY, I KNOW YOU!” (He didn’t), but a mutual friend introduced us anyways. We didn’t actual make it to the game, but instead played drinking games at a friend’s house and later went for pizza at a local spot we mutually loved called Dion’s. Justus even jumped into a moving car through the window to make sure we could ride together! I was disappointed when he didn’t ask for my number at the end of the night, but he somehow wrangled it and text me the next day saying he left his sunglasses in my car (he didn’t btw, trickster). Our first date was a few days later and consisted of wine, stargazing, and playing chubby bunny at a local park (you know, that game where you see how many marshmallows you can shove into your mouth and still say “chubby bunny”). From that day on we were inseparable. Just two weeks after meeting, Justus couldn’t contain it any longer. We sat cross legged on his bed when the topic of lettuce wraps came up. I said definitively, “Oh man, I LOVE lettuce wraps!” Attempting to agree and hoping to also say, “I love lettuce wraps!” his heart had other plans. The only words he could speak were “I love you!” I was STUNNED, and before I knew it, “I love you too!” came barreling out of my mouth. We both laughed awkwardly.

how they asked

We had been talking about an engagement and marriage, so when he mentioned that we should go look at rings it wasn’t a huge surprise. We had just made the move from New Mexico to Arizona after dating for four years, so I knew a proposal would be coming soon, and I was sure I would know exactly when. You see, my previous experiences with Justus had led me to believe he wasn’t going to be able to pull off an elaborate surprise (I’d like to believe it’s because I know him so well, but really anyone can read him like an open book). I was shopping with my mom when she asked if I had an outfit planned for the proposal. I said no, but I did need a dress for the company dinner Justus had coming up with all of his colleagues at a beautiful rooftop bar downtown, and Justus had emphasized it would be “fancy”. That’s when she said “what if the company dinner IS the proposal?” to which I responded “HAHA no way, Justus is NOT that clever”. Boy was I wrong. I ended up picking out an adorable red summer dress for the “Big Night”, and a classic dress for the company dinner. I tucked the red dress away in my closet for what I knew would be the best day of my life, whenever that was. The day of the company dinner Justus came home a few times seeming really stressed out and sweatier than normal. I chalked it up to a hot July day in AZ. Finally, after we had both gotten ready, we headed out the door. On the way we passed Adams Street (Adams is Justus’s last name), and I decided it would be a good time to make a smart comment about the timely delay of Justus proposing. “Maybe we can take a picture by this sign when we get engaged if you ever decide you want to marry me”. Justus sat in horrified silence. We made it to the hotel and into the elevator to travel 13 stories to the rooftop bar. As the elevator doors opened there were red rose pedals leading outside onto the rooftop. “Oh no Justus! This is the wrong place, I think someone set this up for someone”. Little did I know, that someone was ME! He continued to lead me out of the elevators and onto the rooftop. Crying tears of happiness and shock, standing on top of thousands of rose petals and next to a chilled bottle of champagne, Justus dropped to one knee. I only remember a few things he said. “I want to give you everything you could ever want”, “please make me the happiest man alive”, and “will you marry me?” Apparently I said “YES of course!” but I have no memory of that. I was in pure shock as I stared at the man of my dreams on one knee, at sunset, on top of a building in downtown Phoenix. He had totally pulled off a surprise engagement and I had NO IDEA. Then, as if I couldn’t be any more surprised, a photographer comes out of hiding and had captured the whole thing! Justus had set up a whole engagement shoot throughout the streets of downtown. We even took a picture on Adams Street, just like he had planned all along. It was the happiest, sweetest, and best day of my entire life, and I wasn’t even wearing my red dress.


Special Thanks

Mindy DeLuca Photography
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Robbins Brothers-Scottsdale
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