Ami and Brian

FullSizeRenderHow We Met: Brian and I met due to the fact that my best friend of 20 years married married his younger brother! Although there was an instant attraction and chemistry between the two of us, there were numerous obstacles that prevented us from ever getting close or dating. As the cliche states, “everything happens for a reason,” after the sudden passing of Brian’s dad last March, us getting the opportunity to spend time together unfolded very naturally. Unfortunately, some people very close to us did not approve. Luckily, love conquers all and now two brothers and two best friends will share the same family name! 

how they asked: As my mind was running wild attempting to come up with a special way to propose, Ami kept reminding me that we must visit our favorite photo booth where we document all of our Atlantic City getaways, needless to say, my fiancee had given me the perfect way to pop the question!

The booth gives a total of four pictures, so on the final snap of the fourth picture I pulled out the box ( which lights up ) and asked the love of my life to marry me!

She said yes! With my nervous emotions, I jumped out of the photo booth ( with the ring! ) and announced to the casino of the good news. Funny enough with all the commotion we didn’t hit save on the machine and may have lost our pics. We’ve been in contact with many people attempting to help us retrieve them. Since it’s a photo booth tho, we re-enacted our moment!! I’m also very happy that Ami’s parents were present to witness our moment. We had dinner plans with them that evening. I definitely caught everyone off guard.

The next day we took a tour of One Atlantic located in the Pier Shops at Caesar’s Palace, fell in love with it and booked our date 4 – 23 – 16!