Amena and Toro

How We Met

Our story begins as a lot of couples in the digital age do, online! I saw a picture of Toro on a mutual friends Facebook and thought he was handsome so I added him to my friends list in April of 2012.

Fast forward, three months later, we had separately attended the same summer rooftop party. I spotted him from a far and decided to strike up a conversation with him and his best friend, we had a few laughs and went our separate ways and remained estranged Facebook friends only until early 2013.

After a couple of missed connections at a few more events, I decided to message him on Facebook (I’m thinking: 3rd times the charm?). Toro asked me for my number after a few Facebook messages back and forth. For two solid weeks, the couple texted day and night and Toro asked Amena on their first date for March 14th.

We went bowling and confirmed that we were completely compatible. It was pretty much a done deal after that!

how they asked

We were approaching the 3rd anniversary of our first date. We had been planning our first all inclusive vacation together for March and decided to take our act to Mexico.

Knowing I had always wanted to see the Mayan Ruins, Toro was insistent on booking all excursions as soon as we got to the resort to get it out of the way. We booked a tour to see the Chichen Itza and swim in a Cenote for the Saturday of their trip. Toro immediately knew he wanted to propose there.

The day of, Toro hid the ring in his pocket, covering it with the hotel towel that they brought along for the swim later that day. When he didn’t have the towel to cover, he stood to the right of me to avoid me accidentally seeing the ring box. (Being the observant person that I am, I happened to notice the occasional switching of sides and slightly odd behaviour)

Toro had told the tour guide his plans to propose, so they gave him the perfect opportunity to do so, after the tour when they would be given free time for photos.

The tour came to an end and as usual I was looking for lunch, Toro insisted that they stay on the archeological grounds and take more pictures – so they did. He asked a couple, to take a picture of us, grabbed my hand took her to the front of the Kukulcan Pyramid (the biggest pyramid on the grounds) and got down on one knee. Her answer: “OF COURSE”

Image 1 of Amena and Toro