Amelia and Nate

How We Met

So you know the saying “You’ll never meet your future spouse at a bar”? Well, Nate and I sure would give whoever invented that logic a run for their money because guess what? That’s exactly where Nate and I’s first encounter took place back in 2013…at a bar…which we both worked at (I worked as a hostess, Nate worked as security). It all started one Saturday night as I was fulfilling my hostess duties by walking a party to their reserved table and I noticed this new guy (Nate) was on guard. I tried to wiggle my way through the guarded area but Nate stopped me and refused to let me pass since he had no clue who I was, I then started to introduce myself and explain I needed to get through to seat a table but Nate refused to budge, denied my request and said he couldn’t let me through (but if you ask Nate what happened, he’ll tell you he was ‘doing his job’ and I was being ‘uncooperative’ haha). So with Nate challenging my authority and our annoyance level at an all time high, it was safe to say neither of us made a stellar first impression. But time went on and as we continued to work together a few conversations sparked, we got to know each other pretty well, eventually became really good friends and then eventually became girlfriend and boyfriend.

How They Asked

Nate proposed September 8th, 2018 during Hurricane Irma. Originally Nate was planning to propose during an epic firework show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, FL. He had the ring, reservations were booked, tickets were purchased and everything was set…but our trip was planned for the same weekend Hurricane Irma was scheduled to directly hit Florida which then put a dent in his plan. Nate and I live in Tampa, FL so with the news that hurricane Irma was headed our way, we quickly tried to pack our things and figure out where to go for shelter. That day was pure madness and with Nate’s original plan no longer being a possibility he later shared that he realized he wanted to propose right at home, because with all the chaos that filled the day he found comfort and contentment in knowing we were going to face whatever was coming our way, together. So while I’m home packing and getting everything in order, Nate walks in the room I was in and starts to share how much his love for me has grown throughout the years we’ve been together, he mentioned we had grown so much and had conquered a lot together, and even during chaotic times such as what we were experiencing that day…he was so thankful to know we had each other and there wasn’t anyone else he wanted by his side to walk through life with. Next thing I know, in the middle of our living room in our 2 bedroom apartment Nate popped the question “Will you marry me?” I was shocked and surprised, especially with his timing because hellooo we were in the middle of a hurricane lol but of course I cried, I had the biggest smile on my face and yelled “OF COURSE! YES!!!” And just like that, during one of the most scariest and most stressful times we had experienced together, we were able to share a moment of joy and happiness within the comforts of our home, and I upgraded from ‘girlfriend’ to ‘fiancé’.

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