Amelia and Andrew

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Saratoga Garden

How We Met

So Andrew and I have been dating almost 5 years and in the first year that we were together he wanted me to meet this wonderful elderly man that he took care of . He would talk so much about him and the adventures they would have together . On the day I met Miles (elderly man) he had the biggest smile on his face . He welcomed me with open arms and would make jokes that Andrew (my fiancé) had it way too good . He made me laugh super hard and it amazed me how much love he had for Andrew. I only had the opportunity to visit Miles a handful of times. On the last visit before him passing away he laughed and said to me I know Andrew is ugly but he’s a cool guy and you’re beautiful and I can see you will be very happy. This has always stuck with me and makes me miss him.

how they asked

Miles was a wealthy man and built this garden in Saratoga where he is from and it’s very pretty . On January 12th , Andrew took me to this garden and showed me the stone miles made. On this stone it spoke about love and happiness , next Andrew told me he believes Miles always watches us. He told me he believes our lost family members take care of us and make sure we stay together. That Miles always wanted him to be truly happy and that he knew I was the only one who could do that. I had the cheesiest smile, in that moment Andrew asked me if I would continue to make him happy and marry him !!!! I cried like a baby but of course I said YES !

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Saratoga Garden

Andrew did everything perfectly got a photographer that hid in the bushes, reminded me what he loved about me , got me my favorite flowers along with a gorgeous ring but most importantly asked my parents for their blessing. I can’t wait to be Mrs. Cerrillo.

Special Thanks

Jon Sun
Hid and photographed the moment