Amelia and Wood

Amelia and Wood's Engagement in Little Rock, AR

How We Met

Wood and I met through mutual friends, my sorority sister, and her husband. After they gave their seal of approval, Wood and I got to know each other, learning about where each other grew up, bonded over our love of college football, and realized we were both SEC Alumni (he’s an Aggie and I’m a Razorback). For our first date, we decided to go hiking in Little Rock at Pinnacle Mountain and immediately hit it off.

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After he dropped me off at my apartment, he called and asked if I wanted to join him and a group of friends to watch an Arkansas Football game and have dinner. I immediately said “Sure Thing” since I didn’t have cable and wanted to watch it anyhow, I got good company as well. I ended up being late due to traffic and parking downtown, but little did I know he told his friends he wanted to go alone and the table next to him was taking bets on how late I would actually be. I felt terrible but we hung out even after the game and had a wonderful time together.

How They Asked

After Wood’s Law School graduation, the whole family went outside to take pictures before it was too dark. His pants didn’t have a pocket big enough for the ring so they distracted me and passed the ring to him for one final picture of just us. I gave him a high five and as I was getting ready to walk away he dropped down on one knee. He said,”I know it’s my day but, I want you to know I’ll always love you. Will you marry me?” I immediately said “Yes. HELL YES!” It was our kind of perfect.

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