Amelia and Tyler


How We Met

Tyler and I met in June of 2010. We were both involved in our church as leaders of the youth group. As a team bonding experience we all went bowling. Tyler and I were put on the same lane. The whole time he would poke fun at me because I was not very good. Later that evening he started talking to me on Facebook and asked for my number.  Tyler took me out on three dates before he asked me to be his girlfriend in July of 2010. Tyler was a senior and I was a junior.  When it was time for Tyler to head off to college we decided that we would try long distance. Little did we know that long distance would like 5 years because he went to Texas A&M and I went to the University of Oklahoma. After 5 years of long distance we both moved back to Houston and it was the end of long distance!

how they asked

The day Tyler asked me to marry him, our plan for that afternoon was to meet my parents for dinner at the local country club. When we got to the country club we walked into the dining area and I expected to see my parents at a table waiting for us. Instead we were met at the hospitality desk by an employee that told us to follow him. Very confused, I was led outside to the golf course, where there was a golf cart waiting for us. After getting in, Tyler drove us onto the course for what he said was a nice drive around the course while we waited for my parents. After driving down a few holes we came up to a pound that separates part of the course. On the other side of the pond, I noticed there were candles and rose petals set up on the tee box.


As we pulled up, he brought me up to the tee box and started telling me about the great characteristics of our relationship of 6 years. We walked over to the roses and candles and that is where Tyler got down on one knee. He asked me to marry him and I said yes!! Tyler had brought in my best friend to take pictures of the proposal. Which was such a good surprise! After taking pictures we headed back to the car and drove to my house. Not only did Tyler have the best proposal but he also had both our families and my friends from college waiting there to celebrate with us!



Special Thanks

Jenna Simeon