Amelia and Michael

how we met

Michael and I met in college in September of 2015. Although our paths had crossed many times before then, we had never been formally introduced. On September 1st, 2015 our college, Bridgewater State University, was having a barbecue to celebrate the inauguration of the new university president. Mutual friends of the two were sitting together and introduced them.

how they asked

The proposal happened on November 30th, 2018 under a candle-lit archway in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Earlier that day, Michael asked one of Amelia’s friends and co-worker to give her a letter. The letter told her that she would be going on a scavenger hunt that would end in a spot for a date night. He had her start the scavenger hunt on Boyden Quad, at Bridgewater State University, where they first met. Amelia was met by their best friend, Ben, who escorted her into his car and began driving. After an hour of driving all around to confuse her, Ben brought Amelia to the spot in Plymouth and walked her to the beginning of the archway. In front of her was a candle-lit path that ended with a collage of photos of them from the past few years. Hiding in the bushes around them were Amelia’s two best friends ready to take pictures and celebrate with the happy couple. It turns out that Michael had gone shopping to look at rings that night before and had planned to propose the following week. He found the perfect ring and could not contain his excitement. He knew he would never be able to keep this secret, and changed his plans so that he could propose the following day.

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