Amelia and Joseph

Image 1 of Amelia and Joseph

How We Met

I had just moved from Virginia to Maryland to take care of my mom with breast cancer. I wanted to keep myself busy between her oncology and radiation appointments so I signed up to be a volunteer coach for a local high school lacrosse team. Joe was a football and lacrosse coach in the same school system. We had to take an athletic injury prevention class to be coaches and were paired up since we were the only lacrosse coaches in the class. I was nervous when it came to the ankle wrapping portion of the class because it was February (in the middle of a snowstorm) and I was not expecting to have someone touch my bare feet after wearing my bean boots all day. Luckily he was nervous too and promised not to judge my winter feet and ankles. We spent the rest of the class chatting and making jokes. At the end of the class when it was time to go Joe gave me his number and said we should hang out sometime. I told him I would text him, but I was about to leave for Colorado for two weeks to go see my friend and her new baby. Joe and I texted during the entire trip, had our first date when I got back, and the rest is history.

How They Asked

He took me on a trip to the mountains of Virginia for a weekend away. After visiting Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest we went up to the Blue Ridge Parkway to take a scenic drive to a local winery. At an overlook we went to take a picture and Joe surprised me with the ring, catching my surprised face and all in a photo burst! Afterwards we drove to the winery and celebrated with some locals and the owner.