Amelia and Jeff

Amelia and Jeff's Engagement in Springfield, MO

How We Met

I came out of nursing school excited about landing my dream job in the ICU. I was focused on doing well at work, so I was very serious and kept to myself. I wasn’t planning on becoming best friends with any of my coworkers, let alone date one of them! My dating profiles even read something like “I’m content with traveling and being selfish in my professional goals and I am not interested in being a mother or stepmother at this point in my life”. Just to weed out guys I felt that I wouldn’t connect with. So, when a “TallDadof2Girls” (who bore a striking resemblance to a guy I worked with at my new job) liked a picture (and allegedly messaged me) on one of my profiles pretty shortly after I started working there- I was perplexed. I thought: either he doesn’t realize I’m from work; can’t read, or he’s overly confident. Regardless, I completely ignored him!

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For the following months, I acted oblivious to his online advances and he never brought it up at work either. I did, however, pick up on how he seemed to check up on me more frequently at work to make sure I was doing okay if I needed any help & his seemingly prolonged eye contact when he did. He casually asked me out with a group of coworkers a few times, but I brushed it off as him just being a friendly coworker. Plus, I wasn’t jumping at the chance to hang out with people outside of work… so I blew him off. Then, out of my entire orientation, he was scheduled to train me one day and at the last minute I had to change my workdays that week due to a friend’s bachelorette party and wasn’t there the night he was supposed to train me.

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In the next few weeks that followed, we didn’t work together once. I had grown accustomed to his presence and infectious smile when he would check on me throughout our shifts together and I realized- I missed it. I had this horrible realization that ‘he’s going to think I changed my schedule to avoid him and now he’s changed his schedule to not be around me’. When we did eventually have a shift together a few weeks later, I breathed a sigh of relief as he approached me at the beginning of our shift and commented on how it had been weird not seeing me the last few weeks. After that night, I decided that if he did ask me out again, I would say yes.

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Needless to say, he did ask me out again & and I went. He didn’t even give up on me when I overslept for our second date (#nightshiftproblems) and essentially stood him up. That was almost 2 years ago.

His persistence, thoughtfulness, and purest of hearts wore me down and I became absolutely smitten. They say God’s plan for us is greater than our own, and I believe we’re a testament to that. I have gained the most wonderful love, partner, coworker, and best friend I could have ever hoped for, and I’ve become a bonus mom to two amazing little girls I never knew I needed.

How They Asked

Early in our relationship, I’d mentioned to Jeff how it would be fun if we did a painting class together. Although we’ve gone on trips and had amazing dates over the last two years, that was still something we’d never checked off the list.

Valentine’s Day was coming up and with our work schedules, we weren’t going to be able to celebrate until the following week. Jeff mentioned the painting class so I started looking ahead at the website to see what the upcoming classes would be. I saw an “Office Trivia Night” on the schedule for the weekend after Valentine’s Day and thought that would be the perfect one to do because we love trivia and The Office! In the days leading up to it, Jeff made the comment that he wanted to do a guys vs. girls thing and everyone sit away from each other.

At first, I was disappointed thinking that half the fun of it was watching how each other attempted the painting (neither of us is very artistic), but I went along with it and so did the rest of our friends. After the class was over and we’d finished our paintings our group went up to the front to take a picture together with all our paintings. I didn’t realize that our friends strategically placed themselves around the stage and were telling me and Jeff to go first. Then, Jeff turned his painting toward me and at the top of it he’d painted “Will you marry me?” 😭❤️🥰

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