Amelia and Earnest

How They Asked

Earnest and I have been talking about getting engaged for the past year or so. My parents live in Indonesia and my dad is very traditional and religious. They didn’t know that we were living together so when my parents decided they wanted to visit last February of 2018, I already started putting pressure on Earnest to put a ring on it. Obviously, in the Islamic religion and Indonesian culture, it is a huge no-no to live with your partner outside of marriage. I recently left my job during that time to become an entrepreneur and teach yoga full-time and Earnest was three years in, in his business like personal training.

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Long story short, Earnest didn’t propose by the time my parents came to visit so he had to “move out” of our place so my dad specifically wouldn’t find out. Well, Earnest truly lives by his name and it was really hard for him to understand why I just couldn’t be truthful.

Amelia's Proposal in Chicago

We ended up telling my dad that we live together and it backfired on us and my dad was trying to push Earnest to convert into Islam already at that point in time. The past year I have been feeling pressure from my family for him to convert and propose since we live together. However, I knew that he needed to do it when it was right for him and not feel pressured simply by my parents.

Well, my parents happened to be arriving next week for my brother’s college graduation and one of our mutual friends already warned me and told me that Earnest is not going to propose before your parents arrive, so please don’t expect anything.

Earnest’s 30th birthday was yesterday, May 14th, and he is originally from Chicago so I decided I wanted to throw him a surprise party with friends and family. One because he deserves all the love and a while ago he said that’s all he wanted and two he is a terrible planner so him trying to do something on his own would have been very last minute. The weekend we went to Chicago just so happened to also be Mother’s Day weekend, which was perfect since his mom still lives in Chicago.

I gathered close to 30 friends and family for his surprise party and I got his mom to tell him that they are having a party for all the homeowners in the building so we should stop by and get a drink before we go out that night. Needless to say, Earnest was blown away and I have only seen him tear up once, and he was crying from all the love. At that point, I was so relieved that my surprise was a success. I was enjoying the party and Earnest and his mom went missing for about 30 minutes because he got so emotional.

He finally returned and greeted some other friends that arrived so we were all taking pictures and I realized that we hadn’t sung him happy birthday yet. I got the cake and he blew out the candles and he started to give a speech about how grateful he is for his friends and family for being there then started to talk about how grateful he was for me. Then he got down on one knee and his mom took the cake from me! It was truly a special moment because I got surprised also!

I am very attentive and intuitive so the fact that he completely surprised me was just incredible! His friends and mom all knew about both of the surprises we were planning and no one spilled the beans! Props to his friend who was taking pictures, he knew that Earnest wanted to propose on Mother’s Day but was secretly hoping he would do it at his party so he came prepared with his extra card reader! lol !

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He originally planned to propose on Mother’s Day after the play Hamilton, little did I know but when his mom took him out of the party she told him that this was the perfect time to propose because all of his friends were there and my two good girlfriends were there. Ironically, those two girlfriends of mine happen to be on our first blind date in the background making sure Earnest wasn’t a crazy man, and they happen to be at our proposal. It truly was such a special moment that we both planned surprises for each other the same weekend!

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