Amelia and Daniel

Amelia and Daniel's Engagement in New Orleans

How We Met

We met like many millennials these days, through the internet. Bumble to be exact. Our first date was the day before Thanksgiving in 2017. He had a steak, and I had the shrimp. Ironically the very same thing we’d end up having the night he proposed. I guess you can say we’re creatures of habit.

How They Asked

After a day at the aquarium, Daniel was taking me to dinner but the location was a surprise. As we were walking to our surprise destination, he stopped in the middle of Canal St. by the old trolleys and in front of my favorite gelato spot from when I lived in Europe. He pulled me close, told me he had a gift for me, then got down on one knee.

He told me how much he loved me and with his eyes welling up, asked if I would marry him, then pulled out a custom shell box made to represent all our walks on beaches around the world. With happy tears falling I said yes. Then he told me he chose March 12th as the day to ask me as it would have been my grandfather’s 99th birthday. Then came round 2 of tears. It truly was the most surreal and joyest moment of our lives.

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