Ameeta and Randy

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How We Met

The story begins 7 years ago; Randy and I had met through my father’s driving school. Randy and his mom walked into the driving school and I was sitting at the front desk. Randy didn’t say a word, and I kept the conversation strictly between his mom and I. Throughout our conversation I kept looking in Randy’s direction because he seemed so pleasant. He patiently stood there with his arms behind his back, in his red outfit, listening attentively. There was just this aura of goodness that made me think “I would not mind getting to know him, he seems nice”. Now I’ll end this part of the story and fast forward to the “master of a plan” Randy organized for the proposal.

how they asked

He initiated the plan by taking my parents out to dinner, months in advance, to get their approval. My parents were thrilled and gave him their blessings. I had no knowledge of this dinner and they all kept it a secret. Then, I’m sure he got down to drafting and implementing, with support and guidance from many close family members.

Proposal Vacation Begins:

Day 1:
On 03/16/2015 our day started early, he took me to an interview and I noticed he was dressed nicely. I asked him jokingly if he had an interview to attend today as well. He explained that his family wanted to go to a buffet lunch and everyone was waiting at home to go after the interview. I agree and thought nothing of it. After my interview, we ran some errands, went for breakfast, and returned to his home. His mom and dad were waiting, ready to head out to this buffet. At the time I was thinking… “but I just ate…I’m still full from breakfast”. We all got in the car and started to drive. We end up at the airport and now I begin to worry. They all come out of the car and I follow, not saying a word. Randy’s dad hugs me and says “ well you take care” and proceeds to help Randy take out two suitcases. I look at Randy’s mom, terrified, and asked “where are you guys going?”. She replied, “I’m not going anywhere, but you are”. Panic mode kicks in and I ask the following questions: “ where are we going? what about work? How long are we going for? I didn’t pack anything… and…Does my mom know!?!”. Randy’s mom calmly stated “Ameeta relax. Who do you think packed your suit case”. As I try to process the whole thing, I start thinking about all the small clues that lead up to this moment and I began to laugh (still shaking from the shock of it all). I knew that somewhere during this trip Randy is going to propose. So all throughout the trip I didn’t ask any questions, I just followed Randy’s lead.

Day 2: 03/17/2015
We got up early and drove to Discovery Cove (having no idea what Discovery Cove was). While trying to find a parking spot, I saw many dolphin figures and posters; my excitement was escalating. Dolphins were my favorite animals since I was little girl. We get to the register desk and a staff representative gives us a quick orientation of the park and says “your dolphin’s name is Rascal and we would meet him at 10:00am”. Apart from the dolphin encounter, we had our own private cabana that led right out to the third dolphin pool. I literally sat on the rocks for hours watching these guys come up for air, play with their toys, and watched their scheduled performances. It was lovely! Now, onto the actual proposal… so we had our encounter with Rascal, took our photos, etc. At the end, the dolphin Trainer asks Randy and I to step aside to re-take our photos as the originals were too dark. Then the trainer said “Rascal wants to show you a trick with one of his toys”. At this time, I’m thinking do I get my own personal session? The dolphin brought me a toy that read “Ameeta, will you marry me?”. Then, we get out of the water and Randy went down on-one knee. You know what happens next.

Day 3: 03/18/2015
We hung out! Did some shopping, read a wonderful scrapbook prepared by some pretty awesome people in our life, and went back to Canada.

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Image 3 of Ameeta and Randy

Special Thanks

Discovery Cove
 | Dolphin Park