Ameera and Shekar

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How We Met

My Fiancée and I matched through a dating application called Dil Mil. Although I was hesitant to try a dating app, this South Asian dating app opened up my eyes to a new prospective on dating. After talking to some frogs, I finally met my Prince, Shekar. Although we were 2,000 miles away, we had chemistry from that first “hey” and we began talking everyday through phone calls, texts, and video chats. Five long months later, Shekar finally messaged me saying “I’m coming down to LA.” I was so excited to finally meet him in person but I was equally nervous and hesitant since we had met on a dating app and did not have any mutual friends. Our first meeting turned into quite an adventure – but at least I got to make sure he wasn’t a fraud by getting a police officer to frisk him! That meeting turned into a difficult long distance relationship, with me in LA and him in Chicago. Even though the long distance has been tough, it has helped us to grow and learn more about each other. For the next year and half we continued to grow closer as we planned our next adventure together :)

how they asked

Being long distance, we were always looking forward to our next trip together. We would take turns visiting each other and plan trips to visit new places together. In August, I flew to Chicago for what I thought was our normal weekend trip. Little did I know, this trip would mark the beginning of a new chapter for us. When I got there, he kept talking about his cool new EOS lip balm! I thought, okay that’s cool but what about me – we hadn’t seen each other in over a month! I woke up on August 14, 2017 to a beautiful day – almost as if the universe had planned the perfect day for us. We started the day off by visiting Buckingham fountain. Throughout the day we made silly podcast videos describing our day and what we were doing – and of course, Shekar showing off his awesome new EOS lip balm. After getting some lunch, we spent the afternoon at the movie theater – where, you guessed it, Shekar continued to rave about his EOS lip blam. We ended our perfect day at the beach. We found a shady spot near Oak Street beach at North Lake Michigan Shore Drive in between some kids building sand castles. As we snacked on Garrett’s popcorn and watched the kids, we talked about our perfect day together. Shekar suggested that we make a final podcast video to talk about our day, and the rest is history! #SurprisedTheEOSOutOfMe #Shekeera2017

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Our Video