Ambrea and Steven

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How We Met

Our story is very different from others. This union was truly designed by God himself, so sometimes it is hard to explain or even understand. (that goes for us as well). It all started on May 3, 2016. I went to visit Steven’s church to listen to him minister; however I was there for a surprise birthday celebration that was held for my older brother. (that was Steven’s idea). Yes, my older brother/cousin and Steven are friends. However that was my first time ever meeting him. At the celebrating Steven talked to me real briefly and that was it, I went home. Fast-forward 2 weeks later, my family had an event and Steven showed up. Well he decides to introduce himself to me that night, not realizing we had met already. (He didn’t recognize me because I was all dolled up). We talked that night and many nights after. Our “first date” he took me to get some breakfast and it was so good we go all the time now. We have so much in common it’s crazy. Steven family was going on a vacation to Hawaii and LA, which was in July. Well it was a 10 day trip, so I was a lil sad, and one day his mom said “what do you think about coming on the trip with us?”. I was speechless!!! After we made it back home, he said he knew I was the one. It was like magic! BTW He is so awesome!

how they asked

The story goes like this…Steven and I met on May 3, 2016 at his church. After dating for a short time, he said he knew I was the one. It took me a little time but God help convinced me as well. Well the holidays was coming and I knew he wouldn’t ask me during that time so I was not really worried about it. The week of the proposal he told me his friend was coming in town and we were going to go eat at a nice place and we would have to dress really nice. I was not really up for it but I went along. That night(Dec 30, 2016) came we got all dressed up and the friend calls and says he can’t meet us (fake call). Well Steven says we’ll just go to the movies instead. Get to the local theater and we are the last people to walk in the movies (as always), so the previews are almost over. Well what I thought was a movie was my actual proposal. Steven had booked a room at the theater and filled it with all of our family who I didn’t know were there and we watch the most beautiful movie he created starring the two of us, family and friends. (We have our own movie ticket) You have to see for yourself. There is footage of him asking my dad, picking out the ring with his sister’s, and him standing on top of the bridge that we cross just to see one another. Hence “Crossing the bridge”. Steven is awesome, truly a Gift from God.

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Please watch the video to see my story. Yes that played on the big screen and yes we watched a real movie after. This was the most thoughtful and amazing things someone has ever done for me and I can not wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

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