Amber Reneé and Bradley Allen

Proposal Ideas Breckenridge, Colorado

How We Met

I’m from a small town, so going to the local bar was really the only way to meet people, which isn’t my thing. So, we actually met on tinder. I know.. Tinder. I used to hate saying that but honestly, I found the love of my life so I need to give it some props. I was upfront with him in what I was looking for in someone (a husband not just a hook up) and he was looking for the same thing. On May of 2017 we decided it was time to meet each other in person. We were both a little shy, but clicked instantly! I got truly lucky to get such a sweet person in my life. Our relationship is so full of love, respect, and smiles.

How They Asked

My sister and I decided to go to Colorado Springs for a much needed vacation. The both of us planned everything because Brad isn’t much of a planner. The first morning we wake up in Colorado, my sister got so excited that it was snowing in Breckenridge and said we had to go! Even though we had planned something else to do that day, my sister insisted that we go. So off to Breckenridge we go! We found this cute pizza shop, and asked the bartender where we could go that would be safe for us to drive in the snow to see something scenic. When we got up the mountain, we parked the car and got out to start walking up the trail. Found a good spot to take some pictures and it happened! My sister handed me this case to open and inside of it was a polaroid of Brad holding a balloon. (Back Story: Last year we had a balloon release from my mom’s birthday and his balloon said “Donna, may I marry your daughter?”) I looked up, and he’s getting down on one knee, asking me to be his wife while showing me the ring that has my mother’s diamond! I never in a million years thought I would have a fairytale proposal like this! I am so incredibly excited feel so blessed to have a sweet person I get to call mine forever!

Amber Reneé's Proposal in Breckenridge, Colorado

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