Amber and Rafael

How We Met

Our story started freshman year of high school back in Carmel, Indiana. I was in a biology class with Amber’s best friend Shaylin. Every day after biology class would they both have study hall and that’s when I noticed Amber. I wanted to know how to talk to her so I asked Shaylin who she was, and wanted to know if there was something I could do to meet her. She said that she could write a note and that I should pass it on since she couldn’t always go meet with Amber in study hall. Little did I know I began my first steps into meeting the girl that would change my life. It all started so simple as I would meet her each day saying I had a note for her and Amber saying if I ever read the note. I kept my promise to never read them as I was determined to show Amber I had self control, hard for being a freshman in high school. As time passed and we no longer had the same class schedule, there wasn’t a way that I could keep talking to her and I wouldn’t meet her again until a year later at a football state championship game in Lucas Oil stadium. It so happened that both friend groups had the same idea to go to the game and sit one above the other in seating. Without planning, I had accidentally spilled a sprite downwards from playing around with my friend Patrick and it landed on Amber and her friend. I so desperately apologized to her knowing it was my fault thinking of how I could help the situation. Rafael went to the concession stand and bought a new sprite and loads of napkins to give to Amber as a way of apology. She smiled at me and felt better that he had spilled his drink on her as she remembered his dorky self giving her notes the year before.

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They wouldn’t talk again until a year later which was their junior year in high school. The timing was just right for them to meet as the game they were attending was a blowout; Carmel High School was up by 7 touchdowns and everyone was leaving the game. I was with my friend Vincent at the entrance of the stadium and Vincent was persuading me to leave the game and go home to play video games. I didn’t budge, because for some reason I wanted to stay and watch what seemed to be a dull game. I entered the seating area and was looking around, I saw Amber and said to Vincent I know that girl, I’m going to go talk to her. So I did, so confidently and so comfortably that we kept talking for the whole time until the game was going to end. Everyone was going to leave and I asked if she wanted anything to eat, in which she replied, Surprise Me. I couldn’t have been more nervous in my life than at that moment. But I was on a mission and so while everyone waited by at the entrance, I had minutes before the stand closed. So I went to work picking at random all the candy I could see not caring for their price down to the last kit kat. When the cashier said the price was $11.50 I knew I only had $11 in my wallet, but forgetting that I had left over 50 cents from earlier, I made sure that I spent all of the money I had into making sure her surprise would be the best. I then walked back to Amber, with a bread bag filled with candy behind my back. Handing over the bag drew a smile so big on her face from disbelief that someone would do something like that for her. I knew this would only be the start of something great. But little did I know I had just met the love of my life and we had begun our long journey together.

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how they asked

Rafael and I had been planning a trip to Ireland for months and it was finally time to go! We were so excited to tour around the country together and we even had a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher! The entire bus ride from Dublin to the Cliffs was so picturesque and we got so lucky because it was perfectly sunny outside. Once we were at the Cliffs we decided to go off the path and take some pictures at the top. Once we got to the top, Rafael and I were stunned at how beautiful the scenery was. He looked at me and started telling me how beautiful I was, I don’t remember what else he said because at that moment he got down on one knee.

I remember crying because the man of my dreams was asking me to be his forever. Of course I said YES! A girl ran up to us afterwards and said that she had seen the whole thing and took pictures for us! We will cherish those pictures and our spot on the Cliffs forever. Still can’t believe I’m engaged to my dream man!