Amber and A.J.

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How We Met

We were introduced through our mutual friends (Justin & Melissa). Amber and Melissa both work for CBS daytime shows and we all happened to be at the same restaurant one night after filming and met in mid November of 2015. We actually did not see each other again for about a month and a half, but crossed paths shortly after the New Year and have been inseparable ever since.

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how they asked

I wish I could say everything went as planned the day of the proposal – nothing did, haha – but, everything happens for a reason. I originally had planned to propose in the Bahamas in November, but we received some news in early October regarding her Grandmother’s health and planned a trip shortly after to visit her in Tacoma, WA. Amber’s grandma means the world to her and raised her growing up. It was an easy decision for me to change plans and make sure I had the ring ready for our visit to see her grandma and the rest of her family & friends to celebrate this incredible time in our lives.

As far as the actual proposal, I had plans to take her on a hike on this beautiful trail outside of Seattle. The ring was being shipped from Chicago and obviously had to put a rush on it given the change of plans, but was assured that it would be there first thing the morning of the proposal. We were staying with my aunt & uncle, who also live in Seattle, and I had my uncle on lookout duty for the delivery truck all morning – but the ring didn’t come. Hours went by, still no ring. It was now 6pm and my anxiety had kicked in, but tried my best to play it cool all day…and it was a struggle. It was almost at the deadline of when they stopped deliveries for the day when my uncle finally got a hold of their dispatcher. He was told the ring would not make it by day’s end and I could pick it up Monday. Well, that wasn’t an option and my uncle found out where the truck was on it’s route back and went to retrieve the ring to bring back to the house.

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He handed off the ring to me immediately when he got home and I made up an excuse to bring Amber out back to the guest house where we were staying. To be honest, it gets hazy from here. Between the stress and the emotional rollercoaster that day was, I basically blacked out and started rambling, haha. I got on one knee and told her how much she has changed my life and given me something that words will never give justice to. I was holding the ring the entire time, but she then got down on her knees too and with a combination of tearing up & laughing had to remind me to actually ask her to marry me – I was a little caught up :).

She said “yes.”

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The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating with family and friends….and most importantly, her Grandma. While it may not have been the storybook day I had originally envisioned, I wouldn’t change it for the world and still got to celebrate in the Bahamas a few weeks later. It all worked out the way it was supposed to.

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